WEBFI-WordPress-How to Change Your Password in WordPress

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Want to learn how to change your WordPress password? Then this video is for you.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Beginner’s often don’t know how to change their WordPress passwords.

You can go to your WordPress dashboard and change the password from your profile section.

If you want to recover a lost password, then see this tutorial:



  • FallensAnger on April 6, 2014

    What is this?!

  • Pam Miller on September 7, 2014

    SOOO easy to change the font size. Many thanks.

  • Peter Steier on September 15, 2014

    The information no longer accurate, despite only a few month old. Why do you change the user interface so often?

  • Gena Hassett on October 6, 2014

    Can I change the actual font style as well as the size? thanks!

  • Karen Mills on November 5, 2014

    This was so easy to do because of your clear instructions, great video. Thanks

  • Bronek Wlodarczyk on February 19, 2015

    Thank you.  Easy and clear.   Short and to the point! 

    I am not sure what are these trolls clicking "thumbs down" were about?!?!    No matter what, one won't EVER please everybody   🙂  

  • Rebeca Rumayor on June 12, 2015


  • John Barnard on September 15, 2015

    Most others say "Go to admin… then go to whatever etc…BUT… they DON'T tell you where to find "Admin"…Now YOUR help is REALLY helpful… simple and it really WORKS!… Thanks!…

  • Graham Markham on September 29, 2015

    thanks 🙂

  • Alaska Wilderness Living on November 10, 2015

    there is no option to chose a password, only "generate new password" button

  • TJ Ward on January 17, 2016

    the 2 confirm passwords are no longer there. only one bouton to generate a new password.???

  • TJ Ward on January 18, 2016

    that did not happen had to use the one generated

  • PHILIPScom Views on February 9, 2016

    Good info. easy to follow.
    Thanks for sharing
    Good day.
    ~Philip Ariel @PVAriel

  • gregg stephens on March 16, 2016

    thank you so much!! very helpful!

  • Angelina C. on April 25, 2016

    Fantastic, works a treat! Thanks SO much!

  • i2u on April 25, 2016

    clear, short and to the point. excellent

  • First Impression on July 31, 2016

    Isn’t it outdated now ? Is it still helpfull? I suppose you have to click on "Expire Password" on list of users and then login again with new set up.

  • Mohammad Ali on March 17, 2017


  • carl rummenge on December 4, 2017

    fantastic great tutorial!

  • Edie Etoile on June 19, 2018


  • Red Server Host on June 11, 2019

    Thanks a lot! It really helped me. Can anyone guide me how to redirect my website to some other domain via htaccess?

  • Sateesh Taj on April 11, 2020

    I want to forget my wordpress username and password

  • Makis K. on May 14, 2020

    So simple and clear instructions, Thanks a lot

  • Krish Moodley on June 25, 2020

    Great Help , Thanks

  • Mary Wu on July 22, 2020

    thank you!

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