WEBFI-WordPress-How to Completely Disable Comments in WordPress

visible, click the three ellipses in the top right, go to Options, and ensure the discussion is checked in the window that appears.

While the above method is good for single posts or pages. If you have multiple posts and pages you want to retroactively disable comments on there is another method. Go to All Pages or Posts depending on which you want to edit, click the checkbox next to title to select all of the posts that are listed, click the bulk action dropdown and move it to Edit and click Apply. It will bring up an edit section where you can bulk edit the settings and we will change the comments to Do not allow.

This does not remove comments on already posted content, to remove this you will want to go to the Comments section of your admin area. Here you will be able to click the box next to author to select all of the comments on the page for removal. If you want more comments to display, go to the Screen Options area in the top right to increase the number of comments loaded per page.

This handles almost every location to place a comment on your site but there is one final location. If you go directly to the URL of an image you will see that the image gives the option to add a comment there. You can either add code manually or add a plugin, we will cover both methods.

Ti manually adding the code you would want to go under Appearance, Theme Editor, and if there is a warning click the I understand button. Select the file called Theme Functions or functions.php and scroll to the bottom of the file. Paste in the code from our article and click the update file button, for where to find the code you would go here:

Should you not feel comfortable copying and pasting code into your WordPress theme you can install and activate the Disable Comments plugin found here:

This will add a new menu item under Settings titled Disable Comments for you to go to the settings. The plugin gives the option to either disable comments everywhere or on select content types. For us, we’re only selecting media which will remove the comment option from our images.

If you want to keep comments while protecting yourself from spam there are a few recommendations for plugins you may want to take a look at, the main two being Akismet and Antispam Bee. For dissuading the spam comments even further there is the Comment Link Remove and Other Comment Tools plugin that disables links in your comments.

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    Thank you! I didn't know wordpress has this feature by default. I had to install a plugin

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  • Wiley on May 9, 2020

    this video is outdated and no longer relevant. wordpress has changed their site

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    Hey just quick query
    I am using elementor pro with astra.
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