WEBFI-WordPress-How to Create a Simple Quiz to Increase Sales On Your Site

Are you wanting to add a simple quiz to help drive conversions on your site? A quiz or questionnaire can help guide your users to the product on your site that suits their needs best. In this video, we will show you how to create a simple quiz to increase sales on your site.

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For this tutorial, we will be using OptinMonster which we recommend above, don’t forget to use our discount code to reduce the cost of your purchase.

Once you have your OptinMonster account set up, we will want to create a new campaign and for this guide, we will be creating an Inline campaign, and the design we will be using is called Report. Name your campaign and click Start Building to begin creating with OptinMonster.

For this quiz, we will be starting with a Yes/No view for the start of the process and customize it how we’re wanting. In this case, we will be adding multiple buttons and deciding to have them send the users to the Optin, if you would prefer you can send the user elsewhere.

On the Optin page, we give the option to say yes or no to the user and for simplicity, we directed both to the success page but you can redirect them to a different page should you like.

With the campaign set up how you want, you will want to ensure the status is updated to live on the OptinMonster site. As we are using WordPress we will go under Plugins, Add New and search for the OptinMonster plugin to install and activate it on your site. In the OptinMonster Settings, connect your account to see the optins created on your account. For adding it in your content you will want to go to the post/page and search for the OptinMonster Campaign block where you would select the campaign from a dropdown to add it to your site.

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