WEBFI-WordPress-How to Install WordPress in Other Languages

Are you wanting your WordPress site to be in a language other than english? Don’t worry, we’ve helped many users fix this problem and install wordPress in another language.

Not everyone speaks English which is why WordPress added the ability to change the language for your site in cases where you start out with one language and can change it for another.

There are over 160 languages currently being translated for WordPress so you can have your site in the language you prefer.

When you first install WordPress there is normally an option to select your language but there are WordPress installers that can choose the language for you.

If your site is already installed there is a second method for changing the language in your settings area.

Should your site need to read in english in the back end we will give you a simple method you can use to have that as the language for your admin area.

Text version of this tutorial

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  • SAURABH VERMA on January 29, 2018

    Please Show Me WordPress Theme For website same theme show me your youtube video please

  • The Selfish Zone on October 21, 2018

    Thank you!!! I had no clue how to accomplish this task. It worked!!!!! I've only translated so far but I'm ecstatic that it was so easy.

  • CandelaEnRio on August 11, 2020

    I'd like to see the backend in English, but have the user side (the actual blog) in a different language. Can I achieve that by setting a foreign language in the general settings, and then installing the English language plugin as demonstrated in the video? Or will the language of the user side change everytime I switch languages in the backend ?

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