WEBFI-WordPress-How to Make Your WordPress Blog Completely Private

You may want to create a blog for personal use not to be seen by most people but to be shared with friends and family. This can be for sharing photos or keeping a log of things for your family. In this video, we will show you how to make your WordPress blog completely private.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Start by installing and activating the Private Only plugin.

This will add a section under Settings called Private Only Custom Login.

If you want you can also disable the RSS feed for your site with the downloaded sub plugin.

Go to Settings, Reading and check Discourage search engines from indexing this site.

You can have a public page if you want to redirect users telling them this is a private site.

Save changes when you are done customizing.

You do not need a plugin for making a few posts private.

While in the post editor in the publish box there is a drop down where you can select private.

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  • meDawdles on August 18, 2014

    Brilliant! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  • World Traveler on September 24, 2015

    simple instructions

  • One Love All Equal on April 22, 2016

    You speak to fast. 🙁

  • Jo TeHono on September 20, 2016

    Is this plugin not available anymore- I can't find it- the link doesn't work 🙁

  • Mark Joseph Salandanan on May 25, 2018

    why you always hurry on your tutorials?

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