WEBFI-WordPress-How to use FTP to upload files to WordPress for Beginners

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a fast and simple way to transfer files from one computer to another over the internet. In this video, we will show you how to use FTP to upload a plugin in WordPress as well as how to change file permissions using FTP.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

FTP sounds scary for beginners, but it isn’t. It’s very easy to learn and it’s something you must know.

FTP allows you to upload plugins and delete plugins even when you’re not able to login to your WordPress dashboard.

FileZilla is the best free FTP program that works across the board.

In this video, we will show you how to use FTP to uplod a plugin to WordPress.

We will also cover how to change file permissions (CHMOD permissions) using FTP.

You can download FileZilla Here: #WordPress #WordPressTutorial #WordPressTips



  • Richard McLaughlin on April 6, 2014

    you make it easy

  • David Roseberry on May 5, 2014

    Very helpful! Thank you!

    For anyone wondering, /wp-content is nested under /public_html. 

  • Ailis Mullins on September 1, 2014

    Thank you so much! Phew all sorted. What a mess. 

  • Krysta Belliston on December 6, 2014

    Simple and to the point. Did not think of this as a way to back up the website. (I'm new to this).

  • MrKeksit on May 19, 2015

    does not even explain how to acess to wordpress through ftp

  • stevedcl5 on July 1, 2015

    Hello when i'm triyng to connect in filezilla it says impossible to establish a connection to the server ! How do I do ? I'm in internship an I'm affraid I mess up the website.. help me !

  • Alex Gaboury on July 23, 2015

    Wow! Thank you so much. This tutorial is exactly what I was looking for.

  • Lord Kenny on August 13, 2015

    It keeps kicking me out.

  • John Edwards on December 16, 2015

    Love your videos. Keep it up!

  • Christine Strong on May 18, 2016

    Way too fast.

  • Loretta T. on June 9, 2016

    Thank you! I made a change to my functions.php and locked myself out of my site–you got me up and running again! Thank you millions!

  • Travel Devoted on June 21, 2016

    Thank you! I know this wasn't the ultimate how-to but it really made me feel more confident that I can learn this!

  • carhomie on July 13, 2016

    How does one keep image files on wordpress for download with an "Accept" or "Decline" conditions of use button?

  • Ahmed Hida on July 24, 2016

    how can i contact you ??? , i need a help

  • Matthew Lee on October 13, 2016

    The video is very well presented. Thanks a lot!

  • Greg on January 7, 2017

    Quick tip for anyone that might be new to FTP clients (like I was prior to this), make sure you refresh in the FTP program after you edit the file. I'm an idiot and didn't notice that I was uploading the same file each time. Check the Last Modified time to make sure its the correct one.

  • 365to100k on August 2, 2017

    where is the wordpress folder?

  • CMontgomeryCat on October 20, 2017

    THANK YOU for getting straight to the point without 5 minutes of nonsense, much appreciated!!

  • Jehoshaphat Ojeah on November 3, 2017

    I just installed FileZilla, there's nothing like those folders u mentioned, how did the folders get there? this tutorial didn't teach me anything

  • Jiten Smr on December 29, 2018


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