#What China’s Covid Reopening Means for Travel Restrictions | WSJ ctm.news

#What China’s Covid Reopening Means for Travel Restrictions | WSJ ctm.news

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As China reopens after nearly three years of isolation, the U.S. and several other countries will require travelers to show a negative Covid test.

WSJ explains why some pandemic restrictions are back and what they mean for people traveling to and from China.

Photo: Nicola Marfisi/Avalon via ZUMA Press

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50 thoughts on “#What China’s Covid Reopening Means for Travel Restrictions | WSJ ctm.news

  1. Yeah but they need to stay over there where they’re at‼️ you got enough problems over here as it is without them bringing their infection disease over here‼️ read the Bible and smarten up for a change‼️

  2. America has Earth's highest Covid death rate so distractions about China's low death rate and Title 42 are pathetic.

    Covid deaths = USA 1,117,956 Mexico 331,099 Canada 48,948 China 5,248. How more transparent can it be?

    19-year sentence given to kidnap plotter who believed Covid misinformation over doctors' advice and vaccines.

    Western media says China has Earth's strictest Covid measures and then don't believe China's low death rate.

  3. Thank you to all the people around the world who supported the protests against China’s government during their draconian “zero-Covid” policy. Now we get the feel the presence of millions of Chinese swarm the world again. Life is beautiful and back to normal again. The CPC is actually the only thing protecting the world from them, but most of the world is too stupid to understand that reality. Let FREEDOM ring!

  4. This is crazy! IS there ANY LOGIC?!! China’s having a surge and NOW the restrictions are lifted for travel. The travel thing from country to country is what I see as crazy without test AND QUARANTINE TIL THEY ARE CLEAR.

  5. China's handling of COVID is the worst we have seen worldwide. First they tried to keep it a secret, then they decided on zero COVID policy of lockdowns… WITHOUT developing an actual effective vaccine (aka the actual goal of lockdowns)… And now they are opening back up, they refused to buy actually effective vaccine, didn't even plan on having enough meds & just changed the way they counted COVID deaths…. It is exactly like they had done NOTHING, just 3 years later.

  6. China has four unique variants circulating. Ban all direct flights from China or place a 30 day quarantine period paid for by the visitors. If we don’t act now expect these variants on your doorsteps.

  7. There have been 12 Omicron sub mutations to come from China since the start of December, 4 have not been seen outside of it. You can't blame the US for being cautious.
    There is a pretty big chance we will get another full variant that we have no immunity to.

  8. This is all about control has NOTHING to do with helping people.
    Yes I believe the virus was released on purpose in order to steal a election. As well as population control miscarriages have skyrocketed not to mention the sharp increase of young people dropping dead.

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  10. People still care about the cooties? My only concern is that Chinese tourists will be arriving in huge numbers as they did before. I hope that here in Taiwan and in other countries they can put a cap on tourists from China to about half the number of prepandemic levels, so as to preserve our quality of life and let then in at the same time.

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