#Why is the Kremlin acknowledging the losses? | DW News ctm.news

#Why is the Kremlin acknowledging the losses? | DW News ctm.news

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Russia has admitted suffering the deadliest strike on its troops sine Putin launched his full-scale invasion of Ukraine ten months ago. The Kremlin has confirmed that 63 of its soldiers were killed in a series of strikes on a temporary barracks in the eastern Donetsk region. 
The Ukrainian defense forces have claimed responsibility for the New Year’s Eve attack and say the true death toll is much higher.
Russian media have sharply criticized the senior officers involved. 

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33 thoughts on “#Why is the Kremlin acknowledging the losses? | DW News ctm.news

  1. The United States is at the point on no return diplomatically with Russia sad the old United States could have diplomatically made a more serious impact .you should ask the real?? What would the human cost of this no negotiation platform cost in human lives?? A million 2 million ? Potential 20 million?

  2. They are likely downplaying the casualties; they must admit to it as it happened and the statement of less make validating numbers difficult as there are some and just how many not plainly seen from those outside the event and its surrounding. It has two effects, it makes people in Russia sad and angry, they will direct it at the government and the Ukrainian military. If in fact it was six hundred or more men, the tragedy is much more significant and the fault of their command, they were set all in a target not protected from what can happen when not secure and protected.

    If they downplay it, the backlash will only be more negativity, they can blame the Ukrainians for only fighting for their sovereignty, for Russia their sense of being the good guys is fabricated and supporting it and even calling it a holy war is in fact blasphemy and no good will come from it in the end.

    Russia moved away from this type of behavior, from Stalinist evil back to it, strange history of the nations and they know it, some anyway.

  3. If you have small groups in homes they will desert! Russian authorities want to keep solders in a large area to keep control of solders. Easy for drones to spot vehicles and troops mulling around for future hits for Himars!

  4. I'm just sad that was only few hundred that died .. wish was few thousand or even few million of Russians supporting war then wish all died in such attack … I don't wish russian people harm only one's that support.putin and this WAR … all we can wish for is Russian citizens have enough of this evil leadership and put pressure on kremlin to shut this war down and give up..I'm not even intrested in putin being taken out power I don't care but world won't b safe till he Is but war needs stop now to many both sides are dyn here.. enough is enough …. GLORY N VICTORY TO UKRAINE …GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE COMRADES OF UKRAINE WISH YOU WELL STAY SAFE
    .. LOVE N RESPECT FROM (SCOTLAND ) 💛💙💛💙💛💙💛❤❤❤

  5. It's more like 600 dead Ork's and that is only the beginning ! Russia will be losing another 110,000 within the next 6 months ! Russian's are doing a good job of losing the war that they started ! This looks good on them ! They wear it well !

  6. It's not remarkable it builds hatred for there enemies that's how hate murder and destruction profit government .what is a government but one type of caruptoin or another? But the human toll is costly .this war will go on and on and if ukraine would push them back they will nuke them a little

  7. Clickbait title. Kremlin, as always, is lying, and DW is quoting them. Estimates from all over the free world of casualties from this strike are MUCH higher than 63 (300-700 depending on source.) So, Russia's not admitting reality; it's doing what it always does and is grossly underestimating its losses. Same as it ever was.

  8. Acknowledging the losses caused by a NATO missile can justify hitting the NATO back, for example, training camps for Ukrainian troops in any NATO county are a legitimate target. Warehouses storing the weapons intended for Ukraine, are too.

  9. More than likely Russia is acknowledging the fatalities because they are getting ready to launch a huge offensive in the coming weeks. It’s a way to get support from the Russian public. Anyway…. Peaceful negotiations should be the priority, and I’m not happy with Biden’s approach. I voted for him, but he’s never even mentioned peace, or try to start negotiations.

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