#Why Putin spends hundreds of millions on knocking out Kyiv’s grid for eight hours | DW News ctm.news

#Why Putin spends hundreds of millions on knocking out Kyiv’s grid for eight hours | DW News ctm.news

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Several cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv, were hit by Russian missile strikes on Thursday.
Presidential aide Mykhailo Podolyak said more than 120 missiles had been fired.
In Kyiv, the regional administration said that air defense systems were activated. It said that fragments from a downed Russian missile damaged a private building in the Damtyskyi district.
Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said that 40% of the city’s residents were left without power following strikes.
Klitschko said that at least three people were wounded in strikes.
Ukraine’s air force said that the country was hit by “massive” missile strikes, including in Kyiv.
“December 29. Massive missile attack… The enemy is attacking Ukraine from various directions with air and sea-based cruise missiles from strategic aircraft and ships,” it said.
Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said that there were numerous explosions in the northeastern city, which is Ukraine’s second largest.
Most of the western Ukrainian city of Lviv was without power on Thursday morning following Russian missile strikes, mayor Andriy Sadoviy said.
“Ninety percent of the city is without electricity,” Sadoviy said. “We are waiting for more information from energy experts. Trams and trolleybuses are not running in the city.”
Lviv’s mayor also warned of potential water cuts.
Mykolaiv regional Governor Vitaliy Kim said five missiles were shot down over the black sea.
Two missiles were downed over the northeastern Sumy region, Ukraine’s military command said.

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32 thoughts on “#Why Putin spends hundreds of millions on knocking out Kyiv’s grid for eight hours | DW News ctm.news

  1. If the U.S. continue to send weapons is a good thing because for every dollar spend four dollars come in, but the question comes, who has the most capability producing tanks and transporting them to the battlefield, now keep in mind that the U.S. depends on other countries for supplies and specially for military purposes while Russia manufactures their own tanks and their own weapons, and they are at the border with Ukraine. If Russia takes Ukraine, (I know they will) The Russian's people are going to have jobs all over the place and their standard of living will grow when the rebuilding processes begins. We know how is going to end, and that's when either the U.S. goes broke or Russia.

  2. Rather than waging a losing war, shouldn’t Ruzzia first focus on its own problems? When compared to European countries, Ruzzia has the highest homicide rate, highest suicide rate (the highest in the world for men), the highest incarceration rate, highest rate of HIV infection, the highest use of opiates (3rd highest in the world), lowest minimum wage, and is Europe’s most corrupt country. It seems like their plate is full without needing to sacrifice 102,000+ Ruzzian men (so far) in a war they are going to lose.

  3. Victory ✌️ to western plutocracy and military industrial complex plutocrats ruling the west and who own the media and politicians 👏.

    War means new weapons markets and profits and clearing of old inventory.

    Profits means more money 💰, mansions and super yachts and private jets.

    Victory ✌️ to the profiteers. ✌️

  4. Uh, no, champ. They do it to pressure you because you are responsible for keeping the war 'over there' like it has been for 8 years, so the rest of Ukraine can live in comfort. Everytime they knock out the power, you have to choose between sending those resources to the front, or spending them on civil maintenance. Thats why they're targeting power distribution and not power generation. They could much more easily and cheaply knockout powerplants, instead of substations.

    You'd think a pro fighter would understand this. Maybe, hes just dishonest?

  5. Why did Putin order the poisoning with polonium of Alexander Litvinenko in London? Why did Putin order the novichok poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury? Why did Putin order the shooting of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in a Berlin park? None of these acts benefited the Russian Federation.

    But Putin is a sociopath with feelings of inadequacy due to his small stature, his lifelong cowardice, and the certain knowledge he's nothing more than a thieving incompetent who has propelled his country backwards. The act of ordering the deaths and suffering of others is just compensation for all this.

  6. Here's to Ukraine, a nation that I, like many, initially wrote off. Ukraine has more than earned the respect of the wider world and deserves every kind of aid and support possible. No more drip feeding military aid that only prolongs a catastrophic war, but a wide open floodgate of material so Ukraine can decisively end the war.

    Help Ukraine end the war Russia started. Then turn our attention towards forcing a regime change, rounding up anyone even tangentially involved, sending them all to The Hague, and let justice sort out the mess. Finally, start dragging Russia kicking and screaming into the modern age where all human rights are respected and enforced.

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