#Bad Bunny Angrily Throws Fan’s Phone In The Water | TMZ LIVE ctmmagazine.com

#Bad Bunny Angrily Throws Fan’s Phone In The Water | TMZ LIVE ctmmagazine.com

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Bad Bunny is responding to the viral video of him chucking a fan’s phone in the water and his message is clear: don’t stick a freakin’ phone in his face, at least not without asking first!!!

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34 thoughts on “#Bad Bunny Angrily Throws Fan’s Phone In The Water | TMZ LIVE ctmmagazine.com

  1. That's what happens when you don't respect people's space. I have seen a lot of celebrities do alot worse. That must get exhausting. They were both wrong but she crossed the line first and she still wins a new iphone.

  2. How tf y’all agree with this? YES WE GET IT RESPECT PPLS BOUNDERIES. But there were no boundaries. Bounderies would be security or someone in between the phone. This is dick head behavior period.

  3. Assault? WTF 😆TMZ staff out here being lawyers. I think she just needed to Politely ask for a photo or just move on. That bad bunny guy was still wrong though. Just Buy her a new phone lol. If she didn't know now she knows the next time 🤣.

  4. I understand her excitement, but his behavior was not necessary. Get more security if you don't want your fans to get near you. Go back to your small town and continue loading groceries and stop making music. You are what you are because of the fans, they lined your pockets. The great reggaetoneros who are more talented and famous than you never treated their fans like this. Your time will come when you will be forgotten. Fame is temporary. If you don't appreciate it can get lost in an instant!!!!

  5. The dude is a freaking superstar so none of us can relate to the pressure of his fame. I most likely would have done the same thing. He will just buy her a new phone and will learn from this experience. I understand he is a star but you have to respect people personal space. How would you feel if someone comes up to your face and starts filming knowing its not really about you but the clout there getting. At least play it off and ask. She can at least say now that she was the one that got her phone flung by Bad Bunny. He is going to have to get security to avoid these situations.

  6. Fck that girl , I would do the same thing if somebody ran up in my face with a phone or kept harassing me all night with a phone taking pics , epso don't get it fcked up he's still human & wants respect just like everybody else celebrity or not 🏳️‍🌈♥️

  7. That young lady came completely into his personal space! Does anyone not see he didn't go into her space she literally stepped into his personal space and started filming him. If anyone was assaulted I'm assaulted when you step all the way into my personal space as if we have a personal relationship!

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