We offer an advanced and simple WordPress platform to develop a personal website for individuals or stores.
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Subscribe to WEBFINET and you will receive in less than 24 hours an unlimited WordPress Premium website, which you can use as your Blog and open your online store on one page.

Choose a domain (com. net, info or org), if available, add it to the cart and proceed with 100% free registration, just follow the simple steps to activate your website for 30 days for free. In the browser in MY ORDER open a ticket with your order number to start processing your website, this can take from 1 to 24 hours
What is the free 30-day trial?
1- WordPress PRO website
2- Unlimited hosting service
3- Unlimited bandwidth
4- Unlimited disk space
5- Unlimited SSL Certificate
6- FREE unlimited access to thematic galleries
7- FREE unlimited access to the add-ons galleries
8- Activated in the members-only mode
9- Customer service in the ticket room

What is in the paid subscription?
All of the above plus:
1- FREE 1-year domain (com. Net, info, org, link, club and us)
2- FREE domain privacy (except LTD (us)
3- WordPress PRO multipurpose theme
4- Page builder
5- Slider Builder
6- Electronic commerce
7- Security system
8-5 1 GB webmail boxes
9- Customer service via WhatsApp

In – WEBFINET – MARQUEZ.GROUP, we are a private, non-automated platform that operates under real-time customer verification, to avoid the incorrect use of our services.

1- Choose a domain in our domain search engine
2- If the domain is available, add it to the cart and process with the free registration ($ 0.00).
3- In the MY ORDER section, click on open a ticket
4- In the customer service ticket room, open a ticket with your ORDER NUMBER.
5- We will respond to your ticket with everything about your WordPress credentials.

This process can take between 1 and 24 hours.

You will have 30 FREE continuous days to use and test our product, after this, we will send you a paid subscription link to activate your PRO service.

All paid subscriptions are processed securely by PayPal, if you do not have a PayPal account do not worry, during the process you can open a 100% free.

Our paid subscription is for 1 year, do not hesitate to cancel at any time or continue with automatic renewal.

The platform is configured to effectively operate Personal Blogs, Personal Online Stores or Personal Businesses, NOT TO CREATE LARGE MULTI-MEDIA AUDIOVISULES or EDITORIALS such as YouTube, CNN, Facebook, etc. If you are looking to create such platforms, you should go to dedicated hosting services for these types of projects at a cost of not less than $ 325 per month. Trying to turn your website into one of these macro-platforms is a direct violation of our terms and will lead to the suspension or cancellation of your subscription indefinitely with prior notification.


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