#Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin in critical condition after collapsing mid-game ctm.news

#Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin in critical condition after collapsing mid-game ctm.news

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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was in critical condition after collapsing on the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The game was postponed. CBS New York’s Larry Ridley reports.

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47 thoughts on “#Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin in critical condition after collapsing mid-game ctm.news

  1. Actually in 1971 a Detroit Lions player named Chuck Hughes had a heart attack during a game against the Chicago Bears and passed away a bit later. I was only a year old but read about it years later. I do remember college basketball player Hank Gathers collapsing during a game in 1990 also due to a heart ailment. Praying Hamlin will recover!

  2. The vaccine… I keep trying to get people to pay attention. Now, you have to see it b/c it's Monday night NFL prime time. But… its happening ALL THE TIME PEOPLE. Just start searching. Just HOW MANY young, healthy, athletes and famous people have died last two years? Either, stroke, heart attack, clot, cause of death unknown, etc… and it amazes me how many people don't think this is abnormal. It's simple math… prior to 2020, how many times in a year did you see people in their 20s and 30s suddenly drop dead from a clot/stroke/heart attack, or, with no cause given???? Huh???? And this is famous people and athletes, think of how many average joes we never hear about. And now, I can give you at least two athletes/famous people per week. Go ahead, give me the dates and I'll post two vids. Go ahead…. ?

  3. When will game continue? I made bet on Cincinnati Bengals. Why was there no player replacement? It was necessary that he was on playing field and the game continued. If a player died, this is not a reason to stop the game, this is not a professional organization of game, why should I suffer? Very bad experience.

  4. Dude with all of us so divided by race there were a lot of white people out there very sad about an African American player getting seriously hurt can we not let the media divide us and realize there's good people everywhere all over and when there's emergency hard times we'll be there for each other? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Okay, I’ll say it … The Defense is Defenseless! The rules that have been implemented in the name of, “Player Safety”, are worthless. I say this because while these rules may somewhat protect offensive players from helmet to helmet contact and eliminate the “Big Hit” on players who are in vulnerable positions offensively, the same rules eliminates defensive players ability to protect themselves while attempting to make a tackle, especially Defensive Backs who for 4 quarters are coming down hill full speed or standing flat footed with an offensive player full speed in their path.

    This isn’t anything new. This is the new norm in football ever since these rules entered the game. Every week, during every game, on every level, defenders are trying to use their chest to make tackles in an effort to avoid the helmet-to-helmet contact that would definitely occur if they get themselves into an athletic stance and explode through the runner with their head on the ball and shoulder through the body. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If you spent any significant time playing the sport of football, you have been taught this, it had been drilled into your head year in and year out from the time you began playing to your last down. For the first part of my life, practice, game, practice, game, backyard ball, week after week, year after year, I never heard a coach teach a player that a sound tackle was made with your chest. Why, because that would have been insanity.

    Yet and still, this is the new way to tackle, you stand there, let a 230 pound Running Back, or a 250 lb. Tight End who have reached their maximum speed, plow into the center of your chest plate, and then you absorb all of that force, every meter of Work, every ounce of energy from that RB or TE, and try to hold on until help arrives.

    Every game you see some 180 lb. WR jumping up celebrating after running over an NFL Safety, or some 210 Lb. RB flexing after running over a DB who has no choice but to let it happen. It is ridiculous when these commentators and analysts’ are comparing today’s skill players to their 90’s counterparts. There is no way that comparison can be made without it being laughable. These WR’s run across the middle of the field knowing that they cannot be separated from the football. I constantly watch receivers catching touchdowns in the Red Zone because the Linebacker of Safety acrobatically maneuvered themselves out of the path of the receiver to avoid a collision.

    I’m all for these player’s having the ability to live normal lives after football, but these rules need to be modified in a way that allows defenders a realistic, legitimate opportunity to make a football tackle while playing football. If a player if intentionally head hunting, throw the flag and throw the player out, but if my head hits your head because you ducked and/or moved replacing your rib cage with your helmet at the moment of impact, that cannot be a penalty.

    No question, there is going to be more and more Damar Hamlin’s if these defensive players are restricted from protecting themselves while playing the most violent sport the world has to offer.

  6. Much love to all the players in football for their concerns about Damar as it could happen to any player at anytime. I pray and hope we will not see this again. Prayers and love to Damar and his loved ones.

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