#Elon Musk Takes Away Twitter Staff Toilet Paper & More Hilarity! ctmmagazine.com

#Elon Musk Takes Away Twitter Staff Toilet Paper & More Hilarity! ctmmagazine.com

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31 thoughts on “#Elon Musk Takes Away Twitter Staff Toilet Paper & More Hilarity! ctmmagazine.com

  1. I would imagine half of the TP was taken back home by Twatter employees staff as another benefit. All the bespoke coffees and spare meals that were just hanging around at the end of the day. I know I will have that it will only go too waste. I know I have done it.
    Hell the janitors may have had a street corner sites. Thought they had a job for life. Agrawal was a thief of the first class. Do you know how much demostic products cost. Twatter staff dont because they got it all for nothing. Happens here in the NHS in England. Why do you think they are broke.

  2. on this Jeremy we don't see eye to eye Janitors deserve more pay period my mother work as waiter for shit salary my dad as janitor in his yung day's for SHIT PAY so give them more money

  3. As a shipbuilder working in the element every single day shitting in porter potties in negative degree weather to find out there's no toilet paper, therefore you learn to either bring your own or use your knife to slice off your underpants for wiping rags. I apologize for their suffering..

  4. The woke idiots can't figure out that before Twitter was being run like America's Gov just spend money and then demand more just be printed when they have none they don't understand a business has to make more money than they spend… Democrats can't figure out that the government has to be run somewhat the same way they just keep printing more money the dollar will be worth 1 cent with the way America is going soon…

  5. How quickly the trendy liberals will turn on you as soon as you question any part of their "woke" ideology
    It's almost as if thinking for yourself and thinking critically is a cardinal sin for these people, hmmmmm 🤔💖🐌

  6. I followed @EllyInVideoland
    The Twitiots always latch onto bullshit, because it's what they do! I'm glad to hear Musk say that the ✌🏻legacy media✌🏻 should worry about themselves, because HE HAS THEIR DM's TOO!

  7. Yer you're right..real developers have no social skills and bad personal hygiene…they work long hours and know lots of really uninteresting facts about RAM and IDEs.
    Interesting twitter is using DCs and is not in the Cloud?

  8. Wait so let me get this straight, Twitter went from 7.5 K employees to less than 4K, so the janitors have a LOT less work to do, yet they go on a strike to get a raise ? So he fires some of them, because duh … And now people are pretending Elon is the reason why their pants are brown … I mean i couldn't invent such a stupid story even if i tried but those leftist crazy people are doing it every hour that passes XD It must a form of genius intelligence at that point.

  9. "the post has reached out to twitter for comment" … why? they have the guy who owns twitter and is reluctantly the companies current CEO, even if they had a communications department what would they say? no. the guy bankrolling this whole endevor, in charge, and fully aware of the financials of the company is completely wrong.

  10. I’m confused here. This is the same city, San Francisco where people are shitting on sidewalks, doing drugs, and living in tents… in public. And yet, they’re complaining about foul odor and dirty bathrooms? LMAO!! God I hate these idiots (legacy media).

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