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Publish on WEBFI. NET

Are you a publisher? looking to write about your skills, opinion, or business?

Register and start publishing for free in an HTML format, photo and video editors, and more with minimal moderation except for those topics which push to violent events or promote terrorist acts, discrimination, or any crime promotion.

NO QUESTIONS ASK we will delete and ban any misinformation, we are good at it! and we will notice when news or article are false.

The mission of this platform is to bring regular people a tribune to express themselves and promote their business or ideas 100% free and 100% private, we do not sell your information, we do not display ads, or collect personal information to span your email, here, is our communication room and we manage any conversation right here.

This is a beta project and we need to ensure that editors and audience get the best experience possible, that said, you must be a @ctmmagazine follower to be considered as a publisher, after registration, we will check your Twitter profile and approve you, this will take at least 24/hrs. We will send your credential via direct message on Twitter.

User name on the registration form. Use your Twitter alias as a username (@mytwitter) otherwise, you will be rejected.

Publish on TipTopCoin.net

TipTopCoin website

is an open public online forum, meaning everything you post here will be in public view. By registering you understand that your privacy on this site concerning your opinions and publications is open as well as the graphic content you upload.

At TipTopCoin website we firmly believe in freedom of expression and content, however, we have ZERO TOLERANCE for content that is offensive or illegal, or harmful to our servers.

At Tip Top Coin website, we avoid suspending accounts as much as possible; however, when the content is offensive, illegal, or malicious code, these publications are deleted without consulting their author.

The Privacy Policy may change at any time without prior notice, so we encourage our users to review our policies from time to time.

About login, this applies to all our platforms.

Please, at the moment of entering the forum, make sure that your entry codes are correct, otherwise, on the third failure, our security system will block you.

About Security.

Our security system allows us to keep attackers away, for this reason, you must understand that we have different levels of security that vary according to the hierarchy of our users (Regular Users (FREE) and Associated Users (PAID). Copy and paste are not possible for regular users, this does not mean that they cannot publish associated links, but that these must be written manually, photos and videos have no limitations for any user.

At the moment of starting the section, you must take into account that on the third failure our security system will block you immediately. The only way to resolve this situation is by following the instructions of our security system.

How to start publishing
1 Sign up
2 Open a ticket
3 Select the website on which you want to publish
4 Follow us on Twitter @CTMMAGAZINE
5 Your credentials will be delivered to you via Direct Message on Twitter

-Why this?

In this way we are making sure that your registration data is different from your data on the publication websites, this process is done manually, not with robots, and can take up to 24 hours, so our users will have double protection in their privacy and in the protection of their data as they are in two different databases.

Premium access is only discussed via ticket.

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