How to Find Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using

How to Find Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using

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Have you wanted to know which WordPress theme a website is using? We often get questions from users asking what theme a specific site is using and how they can get it. In this video, we will show you how to easily find out which WordPress theme a specific site is using.

For the first method, we will use in this video is the site IsItWP found here:

Enter the URL for the site you want to know about and it will attempt to scan the site’s information for if it is a WordPress site and if it is the site should display what theme is being used. Sites like this one will also attempt to show you the plugins a specific site is currently using.

If a site like that does not reveal the theme for you or you are looking for how to do so without the need for a site you could find the information manually. To do this you will want to right click the page and click View Page Source.

A new window will open up filled with HTML in text form for the page you were just on. On this page, you will want to use the search function in your browser. You can use either control and the F key as the normal shortcut or you can normally go to the top right for the find option if the shortcut does not work.

In the search field, you will want to put in style.css to find any lines that include that. If it is a WordPress site it should bring you to a link that you will want to click to bring up the theme’s style.csss. At the top of this new page, it will have information about the theme including the theme URI where you can find where the theme’s homepage is located for download normally.

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