#Karl Rove warns President Biden: This is a ‘mistake’ ctm.news

#Karl Rove warns President Biden: This is a ‘mistake’ ctm.news

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Fox News contributor Karl Rove on McCarthy’s speakership bid remaining uncertain and the White House touting Biden’s economic progress in 2022.

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48 thoughts on “#Karl Rove warns President Biden: This is a ‘mistake’ ctm.news

  1. Karl Rove you are part of the establishment in Washington you think just because you've been there for a while along with these other so-called leaders that we the people owe you we don't owe anybody anything the people up there that are going to be in charge need to represent truly the American Republicans who have helped fund and sponsor everybody up there Mitch McConnell is another one he's a traitor to the Republican party and anybody who voted him in as minority speaker they should be primary out in their states

  2. They've gone way too far with Kevin, they're no good, it's obvious they're working for the Democrats, they don't want the Border closed and they don't want to hold the Democrats accountable for what they've done, that's exactly why they're doing this, there's no other excuse, Kevin has worked with them and gave them everything and nothing's good enough, don't give them anymore, unless it's a flying leap off a democrat bridge

  3. Fox News, Global Wuhan Covid-19 bioterrorism Conspiracy in 2020 is most IMPORTANT TO BE INVESTIGATED IN DETAILS. Peter Navaro Trump's Trade Adviser said in KABC7 News; two weeks after Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan China in 2020 saying "we had Coronavirus briefing at the White House in November 2019, we were scared to go to sleep at night after the briefing". That means Peter Navaro, Trump etc who were in Coronavirus briefing at the White House in November 2019 before Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan in 2020; they should had knowledge in Covid-19 virus source; China is not the source of Covid-19 virus as Trump and his GOP Allies lied, that was a coverup. If Trump Administration could have relayed Covid fatal effects on humans info to Healthcare Workers, Doctors, US Scientists; they received from the Covid Briefing at the White house in November 2019, many lives in Covid deaths in US and in Worldwide Countries could have been saved; by quick better Covid measures and vaccines on time. But they chose to cover up; lied on China to create US/China War. Global Wuhan Covid-19 bioterrorism Conspiracy in 2020 was masterminded in the shadows by Federation of American Scientists (Republicans, Independents). Let Authorities investigate in details so that JUSTICE is served.

  4. Its long past time for the communist biden admin to go. The US government has went rogue under joe biden. If the people of America do not stand up and take their country back its over for them. Its very sad to watch. God bless you all.

  5. Rove is a Bush hold over and he is a rhino and establishment Republican. we are done with these kind of people. See how he is bashing his own party…. McCarthy will not do what the Republicans really want to do he will always go along with Mitch McConnell and Shummer so he is worthless and all these guys know what he will do.

  6. Get rid of Karl Rove. Nothing more than a rotten Bushie. Wars and rumors of war. Pigs bathing in Money, all for the taking. These will continue to enjoy eating their apples and toasting themselves until one day and not to far off, they will answer and give account for their sins.

  7. McCarthy is a swamp RINO. If he truly cared about America he would have stepped aside! We need NEW leadership and to vote out every last RINO who voted for the Omnibus bill. No Unread Bills! Either reading them out loud on the floor or NO VOTE!

  8. Karl Rove simply cannot fathom..that the back slapping elites on both sides of the aisle who want to keep the status quo..are losing we the people. These 5 Knuckleheads as he calls them are showing courage, and our doing the job that they were elected to do.They are acting on the wishes of those who put them in office. This is a Constitutional Federal Republic working…it was not designed to be pretty. It was designed to protect we the people from uncontrolled government and from the very political class that is currently in power.

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