#McCarthy’s Speaker Fail, and Alarming Decline in Sperm Counts, with Eric Bolling and Dr. Shanna Swan ctm.news

#McCarthy’s Speaker Fail, and Alarming Decline in Sperm Counts, with Eric Bolling and Dr. Shanna Swan ctm.news

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Megyn Kelly is joined by Eric Bolling, host of The Balance on Newsmax, to talk about whether Kevin McCarthy will ever become Speaker of the House, Trump’s statement supporting McCarthy and the lack of support for him, who could be the Speaker if not McCarthy, Sam Bankman-Fried’s legal troubles ahead, SBF’s theft and laundering, an update on the injured Buffalo Bills player, backlash over media coverage of him, and more. Then Dr. Shanna Swan, author of “Count Down,” joins to discuss the alarming decline in sperm count and testosterone in men worldwide, how the trends are getting worse, the decline in sperm quality, the significance of “phthalates” on low fertility and declining sperm counts, how phthalates in plastic can also cause other health issues, the fertility rate difference between countries, how men in different locations can have massive differences in sperm count and quality, what you can do to reverse the trends, and more.

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33 thoughts on “#McCarthy’s Speaker Fail, and Alarming Decline in Sperm Counts, with Eric Bolling and Dr. Shanna Swan ctm.news

  1. Here is my problem with the criticisms of Bayless. We know now that he was fighting for his life there on the field. But — and I was not watching the game so I cannot say for sure — did they actually know that at the time? Or are they using their current knowledge to condemn Bayless for what he said without knowing then what we know now?
    I have more than once seen doctors working on a player who is lying on the ground motionless and no one knew for sure what was his injury. Perhaps Bayless could have waited to talk about that, but I am sure he was articulating something that many others were thinking about already.

  2. Correction Megyn. A minority car thief does not get 25 years anymore. My friend's truck got stolen, the door + steering column busted open, by a repeat offender. They put on the report that the Hispanic man was white, evaluated her $25,000 truck at $1,300 so instead of the 10,000 threshold felony charge of auto theft, he was charged with misdemeanor unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. She had driven into Austin only because she had to. They call it a "Smart City".

  3. Bolling is Capt. Morality now? Soften the helmets? Unreal. Why not make it full flag football now? The game has been completely ruined by people that don't even like or play the game. The woke mob. As usual.

  4. Been sayin it for the last couple years. We're going through a generational shift between the old school Boomer RP and the GenX RP. It's GenX's party now and they don't think the same way as the old school Boomer party. We're sick and tired of the "do or say anything" to stay in power party. Making backroom deals with the Left, voting for Bills conservative voters don't want, condoning the unelected bureaucracy corruption, and most of all not fighting fire with fire and hitting the Left with same bullshit they sling at us that goes unanswered!!I McCarthy and McConnell both need to be gone gone gone!! Or it will be business as usual in the swamp!

  5. Rare in baseball with adults, too. Little leaguers do not have the chest muscle to help protect. Also, you don't stand up after the blunt force after being struck. Any other possible variables other than the media narrative? These athletes also take body enchanting drugs, perhaps heart damage prior to the hit due to performance enhancing supplements? There is a lot to learn.

  6. Testosterone is important to the physiology of both men and women. Women suffer osteopenia, osteoporosis, and greatly reduced muscle mass and strength as a direct result of low testosterone levels… yes WOMEN are negatively impacted by low T. Women often suffer decades of severe muscle and bone pain as well as life threatening bone fractures as a direct result of the loss of their own testosterone levels. Let us also include women's health needs in the conversations regarding low testosterone levels.

  7. Who cares what trump thinks about the house. He's done dumber things in regard to the house then any president ever. He fought Pelosi around every turn. Why would he want more swamp? He's done. I'm more conservative then genghis khan but he's done. I love him but he's too old and not up to the task of the new topics needing action in 2023. It's not 2016 anymore

  8. We, the general public don't know what caused Damar Hamlin's loss of cardiac electrical automaticity and conduction. Individuals should refrain from drawing untoward conclusions regarding etiology. Myocarditis doesn't usually ever lead to cardiac arrest– a lack of electrical activity within the electrical conduction system of the heart myocytes. In respect for Mr. Hamlin and his family, let us refrain from all speculation and comments as to the cause (etiology). The whole scenario of this accident is so very saddening. As a cardiology specialist, I am praying for Damar and his family, teammates, and friends. Let's stay positive for the sake of those closest to Damar and this situation. ♥️

  9. McCarthy, is a sellout! He is a RINO!!! He has always been untrustworthy. He needs to move aside. I think if he would agree to only 3 members to vote him out if he doesn't do a good job, he might get them to bite for him

  10. Dr Swan was very informative. I did laugh at the retelling of Megyn’s mother being pregnant with a cigarette and martini in hand. Not funny with the knowledge of today, but funny because it was just the done thing back then. Too many people I know did exactly the same thing 🍸🚬😅

  11. I can not disagree more with Eric Bolling's take on the tweet from Skip. Can no one see the last line. There was nothing offensive at all in what he did. This is just more jumping on the cancel culture bandwagon. It may not be some woke thing, but we as a people seem to love to pile on to someone. I am not the big fan of Skip, but he is being taken to the woodshed for something he didn't even mean, and he clarified that later.

  12. Megyn, good job today when speaking to Eric Bolling about being open to the many different possibilities and ideas, as to why the football player collapsed. He couldn’t even bring himself to think of anything other than the narrative being pushed. Notice how that’s the reaction of most people? You though sounded very fair & balanced. When the medical folks finally speak, they will never mention the possibility of vaccine injury since they’ve blatantly ignored all the data for the past 2+ years. At least you sounded open to different causes, which in turn, shows your audience no bias. You might want to check out Stephanie Senefff’s book “Toxic Legacy” about Glyphosate. As you know, the EPA is just another captured government industry. After billions already paid out against Monsanto, they all still deny the poisonous effects of Roundup/Glyphosate. They too, just like Pharma, will never admit what they’ve done wrong and continue to do.

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