Ned Price speaks after U.S. orders 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe | full video

State Department spokesperson Ned Price held his daily briefing on Wednesday after President Biden approved the deployment of about 3,000 U.S. troops to Eastern Europe amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said earlier the U.S. troops will “ensure the robust defense of our NATO allies.”

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  • Phillip Leech on February 2, 2022

    They named Punxatawny Phil after me.

  • You Are The Key on February 2, 2022

    Waste of my money

  • Waldemar Marchesi on February 2, 2022

    Wow ! I love how the leftwing media like to give TROOP NUMBERS AND LOCATIONS , of our troops so they can be ambushed if Putin had the mind to .
    Just think if the media was around when we hit the beaches in ww2 , if the nazis knew when and how many were coming.

  • I D on February 2, 2022

    When Putin was a little boy, his Mom
    noticed him pushing his food around
    on his plate and said to him, "Vladdy,
    don't play with your Chicken Kiev!"
    And, Vladdy, responded back to her,
    "I'm not Momm! .. I'm playing chicken
    with Kievv!" :-)))

  • Châtain Observateur on February 2, 2022

    L'Ukraine sera bien une nouvelle défaite du Cowboy Américain. Ce dernier prépare déjà son évacuation !!!!! BIDEN est réputé très creux !

  • bianchi1885 on February 2, 2022

    3,000? 🤣

  • Ronell Jenkins on February 2, 2022

    U.S. BORDER = 0
    Why are we not protecting our own citizens and country?

  • rico567 on February 2, 2022

    This is nuts. What can we do? In 1956, Eisenhower was smart enough to realize we couldn’t do a damn thing about the USSR suppressing the Hungarian revolt. In that respect, nothing is different. Land war in Asia? No thanks!

  • Visionary Vet on February 2, 2022

    The clouds of WW111 are among us . China is providing arms to Belarus as I type this . Be cautious.

  • P. O. on February 2, 2022

    What two countries are being treated specially by the LIEden admin? Think Hunter.

  • Seema2022 on February 2, 2022

    They wouldn't like us to be in their backyard either.

  • VIC Petrishak on February 2, 2022

    Russia has 100,000 troops on the border , is Joke Biden sending our 3000 troops for target practice. Leave them safe at home Joke Biden will not protect our border . Germany is sending 5000 helmets why not send body bags . Remove our troops from Germany .

  • Lorain Healer on February 2, 2022

    We don’t need to send our troops anywhere they should be Protecting Our Borders! Stop forcing our troops to take the jab!

  • Anderson George on February 2, 2022

    I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium stock any advice on any other stock that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  • petefishes on February 3, 2022

    Send the illegals from the border there . Problem solved

  • Contact 👉 Maskoffweb,com 👈 on February 3, 2022

    All thank to you ☝️ for the amazed work done today I appreciate the amount paid in to my PayPal account

  • Contact 👉 Maskoffweb,com 👈 on February 3, 2022

    All thank to you ☝️.for the amazed work done today I appreciate the amount paid in to my PayPal account

  • Andrew Potapov on February 3, 2022

    When Ned says "on the urkanian border", you should understand the russian army units is on the 250-300 miles distance from Ukrain.

  • Brady Lambert on February 3, 2022

    Pittance!!! 3000 is nothing, a token! Biden is useless! Send significant military forces to Ukraine and Taiwan Straights NOW!!! Free Russia and bring Putin to justice! Biden 😴💤 Garland 😴💤 Pelosi $$$

  • Gurjar on February 3, 2022

    Where is reaction on rahul gandhi speech

  • celestine obi on February 4, 2022

    I don't know what this guys are smoking in Washington DC and white house, you just come out and make allegations without providing tangible evidence, I pity for the people that will believe their lies and deceits , that's how they did and attack Iraq for nothing, this guys are human blood suckers.

  • Ricky Bobby on February 4, 2022

    False flag about a false flag

  • x3nine on February 4, 2022

    Just so you know …
    Any US/Ukrainian attack on the people of the Donbass intended to provoke a Russian intervention will now be dutifully reported in the US and UK mainstream media as a Russian false flag.

  • Juker 54 on February 4, 2022

    Ned Price = 🤡

  • R1GAMBLER on February 5, 2022

    “”Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event–– like a new Pearl Harbor."

    -Project for New American Century, Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force

  • Bill W on February 8, 2022

    Ned Price- I assure you Kabul will NEVER fall. 🤣

  • luis Er on February 15, 2022

    US terrorist = irak libia afganistan yemen
    US terrorist = irak libia afganistan yemen
    US terrorist = irak libia afganistan yemen
    US terrorist = irak libia afganistan yemen

  • luis Er on February 15, 2022

    US terrorist = irak libia afganistan yemen
    US terrorist = irak libia afganistan yemen
    US terrorist = irak libia afganistan yemen

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