1877.LINK Premium Domain For Sale.

1877.LINK Premium Domain For Sale.


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Premium Domain for sale.

We offer high-value Premium inventory through our registry and aftermarket partners. Premium domain names are usually valued higher because they are brandable keywords, short in length, and/or dictionary words.

PremiumDNS is our new globally available DNS service which provides you with a 100% service level agreement for DNS resolution.

In addition, PremiumDNS can be used with any domain registered at any registrar. This is one of the most cost-effective high-performance DNS services around for the money.

This service provides:

100% DNS Uptime Guarantee
Better Performance – DNS served from multiple fully redundant, globally distributed Anycast locations
Advanced DNS DDoS Protection
Works with any domain at any registrar
Complete DNSSEC support for DNSSEC-signed TLDs
Easy to use – for experts and beginners
These DNS servers support the same record types as our BasicDNS does:

A record
AAAA record
ALIAS record
CNAME record
NS record
URL Redirect Record (Permanent 301, Unmasked, Masked)
TXT record
SRV record
MX record
MXE record
CAA record