#Russell Wilson Sets New Record For WORST SEASON EVER | The Broncos Have IMPLODED ctmmagazine.com

#Russell Wilson Sets New Record For WORST SEASON EVER | The Broncos Have IMPLODED ctmmagazine.com

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39 thoughts on “#Russell Wilson Sets New Record For WORST SEASON EVER | The Broncos Have IMPLODED ctmmagazine.com

  1. It truly is shocking and so odd to see cause when he was in Seattle he actually looked like he knew how to play football but watching him in Denver it's like he doesn't even know how to play the QB position. Then looking at Geno Smith who over the years was just God awful and looked then as Wilson looks now is just odd and off to see cause now Geno is fuckin ballin and Wilson ain't

  2. As a Broncos fan since Craig Morton and Floyd Little, I have to say that Russell Wilson has been the greatest disappointment (more so than Jay Cutler) in Bronco history. My question is, “who is responsible for this trade?” They all should be fired! The Broncos will take 5 years to recover from it.

  3. I called this! Haha, it was so obvious to anyone who has watched him play throughout his career. Does anyone think Geno would be as good as he now, anywhere else in the NFL? Pete Carroll puts his players in the best situation to succeed and hides their flaws better than most coaches. The same philosophy that turned Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart into top 10 picks is how Russ was coached and coddled by Pete and his philosophy. The world is seeing how Russ would have been if he was drafted anywhere else but Seattle.

  4. Wilson has been on a steady decline for years now. So seeing this trend continue with a dumpster fire broncos team is really not surprising at all. Also, its a very well known issue that the team and Wilson dont get along well. Several players have voiced their issues with his attitude and so on.

  5. Russell Wilson is becoming the new LeBron James. Ryan’s made 25 videos on Russell Wilson over the past few months, and those are just the ones that I could find. I’m sure he’s trashed him way more on livestreams and in other videos. Every time Russell Wilson so much as breathes or says a word, Ryan is there to make a new video about him. He digs up all of these obscure stats and clips.

    For the record, I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to criticize Russell Wilson. Obviously he’s been very underwhelming this season. What Ryan’s doing though is just obsessive and disingenuous. He’s just pumping out clickbait videos for the sake of it because he knows that it’ll get him more views.

  6. If the next coach can come in and replicate what Pete was able to do with rus, they might not be completely lost. The experiment of letting him cook should be completely over though. He doesn't go through his reads. He is not Rodgers or Brady.

  7. This is why I don’t watch ESPN or any other sports MSM. Remember when they said the broncos were going to dethrone the Chiefs in the AFC West? Remember when MSM said the Broncos were the #1 contender for the super bowl? 😂this is why I don’t watch them, they are never right, I seen this coming from a mile away, but apparently the Vegas bookies and MSM thought someone that’s been irrelevant since 2014 was going to lead the worst team in the AFC West (consistently) to a super bowl. Another 4th place finish in the West for the Donkeys makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and again reaffirms that I am smarter than the talking heads on the BoobTube when it comes to sports. 😊

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