#Russia carries out ‘massive missile attack’ on Ukraine ctm.news

#Russia carries out ‘massive missile attack’ on Ukraine ctm.news

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President Zelensky’s adviser says Russia has launched more than 120 missiles in the country. A top official in Odesa is calling it a massive missile attack. CNN’s Ben Wedeman is in Ukraine with the report.
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24 thoughts on “#Russia carries out ‘massive missile attack’ on Ukraine ctm.news

  1. One day you will wake up to a shocking news on your CNN AND BBC of President Biden announcing that Ukraine and Zelensky have fallen in to the hands of Russia. They will call it the saddest day to the world. No more Ukraine.

  2. world war I – democrat admin
    world war II – democrat admin
    CIA creation – democrat admin
    Cold War – democrat admin
    Israel – democrat admin
    NATO – democrat admin
    Korea – democrat admin
    Vietnam – democrat admin
    Kosovo – democrat admin
    Nato exapansion – democrat admin
    Syria – democrat admin
    Ukraine – democrat admin
    **republicans are war mongers

  3. Playground targetted again?
    I don't get that, what's the point? It just makes it clear to the whole world what a war criminal putin is & just turns everyone against him, even his own people must be distressed that THEIR country is bombing children's playgrounds!

  4. Do you know what "westernized" & "open-minded" means in russian-influenced countries (and asian) countries mean??? Can you imagine an lgbtq+ open community in ukraine, BESIDE RUSSIA, means?? This is why putin is bombing ukraine & invading & whatever. Have you no idea what it means to be in an old fashioned chinese or russian or asian family means??? This is where it's at when you rebel. But the freedom & glory after. You get your life & happiness. Can't buy that. You have to fight for it.

  5. #saveShikharji … Please save Shri Sammed Shikharji 🙏 …Support Jain community 🙏 … Please declare Shri Sammed Shikharji as Jain Tirth and not tourist place …Government is trying to steal Shri Shammed Shikharji from Jains after developing Somnath, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Pavagadh, Ambaji Hindu temples ….Government is trying to remove its peaceful minority's identity.

  6. Big corrupt communist country tries to take back small corrupt communist country. Therefore the American taxpayers must cough up 100 billion dollars to preserve democracy? Yep we are getting porked
    And Taiwan is next

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