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  • Footballspirit on February 18, 2022

    Like wow

  • Chris Dolmeth on February 18, 2022

    Guys you are witnessing the start of WW3

  • William Bonney on February 18, 2022

    Justice has spoken 👍🏻

  • Tuan Vo on February 18, 2022

    No Trump Nobody respects America The Corruption!

  • Metal Mike on February 18, 2022

    Press: Sir, how do you know Russia may attack really soon?
    President: We can see them there on the border!

  • Paul Brady on February 19, 2022

    Wow trump right AGAIN lol jail the evil witch now ain't spying I whitehouse and president TREASON ..can't wait for presidential debates lol he is gonna,eat whoever alive on stage ..and they can't blank or refuse to go on stage cos the debates are what will bye bye byeden come out with .,,ehhhh vote for me and my wife Joanne no ehhh duuhh Jo. And we will make all ice cream free,,, ehhh where am I Donald?? Lol whT a mess your country us in ,in 1 yr lol you fools cheated/ voted this cretin in so tough s..t .most corrupt politicians in any countries history is usac.( United States of America/ china ) with joeeey in charge ..🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿2

  • MrCato52 on February 19, 2022

    Putin doesn’t talk to fools.

  • leonardo da vinci on February 19, 2022

    The current Anglo-Saxon dictatorship is first imposed by the Empire of force, with its repressive military apparatus, by becoming owner of territories, waging wars, imposing governments via coups and civic-military dictatorships, expanding imperialistically to other territories, maintaining hundreds of military bases around the world, control land and sea trade routes and especially the means of production, followed, secondly, by the regulatory legal power installed by a State of International Law and its supranational bureaucratic bodies such as the IMF in what economic, NATO in the military and the UN in the political, which operationalize the capitalist political agenda and the neoliberal model coming from the bourgeois class and world synarchy, the sum of monarchies and high bourgeoisie, based and commanded in and from London, place where it is quoted In the Metals and Polymers Exchange, there is the lbma, the comex, the banking City, etc. Said International and supranational State of Law is the normalized Institutionalization and legalization of the Violence of the dominant and hegemonic Bourgeois Class that economically exploits the dominated working class, oppresses it socially, culturally and value-wise, and dominates it politically, alienating and objectifying the us as a technified working class. Thirdly, the political power, hailed by the UN and its attempt to install a single planetary vulgate where, in the dialectical dispute, consensus is achieved from the imperialist vision of the Pax Romana, that is, a consensus that is not such, but is a subjugation, and in fourth place, ideological power, where it is proclaimed and megaphoned from the ideological apparatus of the capitalist State, and its bureaucratic hinge together with the form of administration of power postmodernly in a network and from the fragmentation of said power, yielding quotas of power that come out cheaper but without modifying the purpose, making a false isovalence, as if everything were the same, fighting for it with reason, science and facts, thus, this ideology distorts reality, using a part only of Reason, in a functional and instrumental way to adapt said reality to the needs, desires and requirements of a class, in this case, the hegemonic ruling class that is the bourgeoisie. Greetings from Punta Arenas, Chile…

  • Paul Brady on February 20, 2022

    You k now next your corrupt defense industry will blagg Ukraine, to buy millions of your corrupt new government weapons .you usa twats the only ones starting a war .. liars .just like Iraq b s WMD. Then you leg it out and lose again Vietnam. Cuba kabul .have you lot won 1 war on your own 1 versus 1 no is the answer even your independence war was french/ Spanish/ Portuguese and a few yank ,,Davy crocketts that don't count .its was even called ,,THE Paris,treaty,, alert war of independence . Please reply
    . LGB you need trump back whether you like him or not cos lol 😆 pmsl you send ..wait ,,,,,,,,,dum dum dum KAM THE SHAM .. TO SORT EUROPE OUT NOW LOL 😆 😂 😅 🤣 😄 🙃

  • Harold Watson on February 25, 2022

    Putin would not do nuclear warfare with the United States because he knows he would put an end to Russia the United States would nuke Russia and that would be that he can threaten Biden and get away with it but he could not threaten President Trump and get away with it Russia Putin is a bully he has bully his way through this whole thing we have a weak president and he is going to cost many lives he is going to cause the fall of the United States if he is not removed he needs to be impeached for the welfare of the people as we are the people and our children

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