Scientists Have Just Announced That They Found A Portal To The Fifth Dimension #TopStory #Tech #Usa #Miami #Nyc #Uk WEBFI👉


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Scientists and astronomers have always been curious about the peculiarities
in our solar system. And at the very top of their list of curiosity is dark
matter. Although several phenomena has been unraveled by different
scientists, the mystery that is dark matter still remains largely unsolved.
In a bid to satisfy their curiosity, a team of scientists while researching about
dark matter have recently discovered a portal leading to the fifth dimension,
and this discovery is set to change how we view the universe forever.
How did the scientists find the portal, and how would this discovery affect
our world?
Join us as we explore how scientists just announced that they found a portal
to the fifth dimension.
Dark matter has long since been an enigma to scientists and astronomers.
Although it takes up most of our universe, scientists have yet to fully unravel
its mystery. With the discovery of the fifth dimension, scientists believe that
this dimension might explain the seventy-five percent of dark matter that
has not been observed yet. Even though we don’t know much about it, most
of our ideas about the physical universe relies on the concept of dark matter.
Scientists are rooted in this idea simply because dark matter takes up most
of our universe, and it is regarded as a pinch hitter that helps scientists
understand how gravity works. They believe several features would dissolve
or fall apart without an “x factor” of dark matter. Even at that, dark matter
does not disrupt the particles we see and feel. This means it must also have
other special properties, hence why more research on dark matter was

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