#Skinwalker Ranch: New Evidence of Paranormal Activity, UFOs, Ghosts (Part 4) | The Basement Office ctmmagazine.com

#Skinwalker Ranch: New Evidence of Paranormal Activity, UFOs, Ghosts (Part 4) | The Basement Office ctmmagazine.com

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Allegedly one of the most haunted places on Earth, Skinwalker Ranch spans 500 eerie acres across eastern Utah. And while stories of paranormal activity at the property are in no short supply, hard evidence has eluded experts.

Real estate millionaire Brandon Fugal acquired the land back in 2016, and ever since has been eager to prove that the legends about the ranch are actually true.

Steven Greenstreet , host and producer of “The Basement Office”, interviews owner Brandon Fugal and his team of investigators. Skeptical of past myths, but open minded to the possibility of new discoveries, Greenstreet sets out on an exclusive tour of the heavily surveilled property, combs through hours of video footage, and works with experts to try and find a glimmer of truth.

WATCH PART THREE: https://youtu.be/8Bp0weO-hiI
WATCH PART ONE: https://youtu.be/VwfaAz9kxcc
WATCH PART TWO: https://youtu.be/sCQRMGOc9M8
Watch more of The Basement Office: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwNrNqsuwF1n43wh5nuV5hTFrdAN00kfk

01:56 Arriving on the ranch
04:33 Fugal vs Bigelow
08:32 The Hitchhiker
11:35 The Ranch House
14:56 Skinwalker Ridge
19:44 Bait Pen
20:57 The Triangle
21:49 Homestead 2
23:25 Ghost Voices
25:24 The Mormon Church
30:16 Evidence
38:30 A Warning
41:05 My night begins

“The Basement Office” is the first video series to respond to the new demand for UFOs to be taken seriously. Stripped of melodrama, over-the-top recreations, and wacky theories, “The Basement Office” focuses only on hard facts and evidence. Because, as it turns out, the facts are scary enough.

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32 thoughts on “#Skinwalker Ranch: New Evidence of Paranormal Activity, UFOs, Ghosts (Part 4) | The Basement Office ctmmagazine.com

  1. So, Bigalow buys the ranch and for many years pays PhD people for nothing? The guy at the Pentagon reads the book and decided to look it up. All this people are naive idiots according to this guy and he's got answers for everything. Please, FH.

  2. Clearly the government used the ranch as a way to skim taxpayer money.
    When taxpayers found out about the ranch, the government doubled down on the scam and skimmed more money for further studies related to UFOs.
    Americans are dumb like that.

  3. Steven has changed his tunes too many times … He’s been playing Mr. UAP skeptic trying to demean Lue Elizondo. So I’m skeptical of his intentions on this show … As the show goes on, I see what Steven’s trying to do … He’s still playing Mr. skeptic trying to pin the previous Skinwalker ranch investigations against the current … Steven remains an idiot.

  4. May I suggest that the Paranormal occurrences that people experience at Skinwalker Ranch are tied to the people who are there at that time. It is a proven fact that people who are more in touch with their psychic abilities can have more of an effect in the quantum world.

  5. Travis Taylor … what a fruit Cake …and he is called scientist ! a scientist who see aliens in his bowl of Alfa-bits ! actually Travis Paint REAL Scientist as Clowns ex; ( How a Scientist Jump to the Alien or paranormal conclusion right away) , when a normal person with common sense can easily find a Natural and simple explanations .

  6. "Travis Taylor declined multiple requests for an interview…" Was that meant to be a punchline? Because it certainly gave me a laugh. Thanks for giving a critical eye to the History Channel series which has some interesting content arranged about as badly as it could be arranged. Thanks for the update – been waiting for months for this.

  7. … if I were Dr. Travis Taylor I would not be there either and he is absolutely right in what he said on Twitter and I would even go further and quit the Skinwalker Ranch team, I'm sure there are projects most likely competent teams investigating UFOs among other things.

  8. Why.. Why do you keep breaking these into multiple episodes.. This could've been easily better just by making two hour long episodes without all the b-role inward reflection on being closed minded. It's part 4 already.. Just get to the point lol Otherwise I enjoyed the rest, it's not like you're bad at your job it's just whoever is editing this to drag it out for views doesn't care about the viewer clearly.

  9. sooooooooooooo hipster barista host is skeptical, gets on the ranch and has permission from land owner (Fugal) – who will make you sign contract to enter land and claims they dont just let anyone on the ranch unless they can use it for promotion – and now skeptical guy is playing along nicely with the crew. Why am I skeptical? Because all the claims of electronic interferences that the land introduces by paranormal means yet the History Channel can produce episodes on strict network deadlines….sure thing.

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