The US Geological Survey Has Just Found Something Terrifying In The Middle Of The Rocky Mountains #TopStory #Tech #Usa #Miami #Nyc #Uk WEBFI👉


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When we look at the top of snowy mountains what we might expect to see is snow, maybe
mixed with tiny bits of dust and sand particles. But a recent geological study of the snow and
water particles in and around the Rocky mountains of Boulder, Colorado has revealed
something completely unexpected and has taken scientists by surprise. In today’s video, we’ll
be revealing how The US Geological Survey Has Just Found Something Worrying In The
Middle Of The Rocky Mountains.
US Geological Survey researcher Gregory Wetherbee was conducting a purely unrelated
scientific study of the rainwater in the Rocky Mountains of Boulder, Colorado when he came
across an accidental yet quite shocking Discovery. He discovered an unprecedented amount of
microplastic in the samples of rainwater and snow he collected on the mountain. As stated in a
later publication, Wetherbee stated that he expected to find mostly soil and mineral particles but
instead found thousands of microscopic particles of microplastic fibers mixed in with the water
and snow.

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