#Video of Bryan Kohberger’s Indiana Traffic Stop Where Cops Let Him Go | TMZ ctmmagazine.com

#Video of Bryan Kohberger’s Indiana Traffic Stop Where Cops Let Him Go | TMZ ctmmagazine.com

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Bryan Kohberger was stopped by Indiana cops back in mid-December in that white Hyundai Elantra, but they let him go — and we have video of the encounter.

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26 thoughts on “#Video of Bryan Kohberger’s Indiana Traffic Stop Where Cops Let Him Go | TMZ ctmmagazine.com

  1. The Officer didn't even ask to see the Citation that was supposedly given by the County that they mentioned, He just took their word for it. In Plain Sight this was…. The other thing is the suspect did not pull over off the Highway far enough Intentionally, the trooper is suppose to approach the driver side. At that point the trooper would be in the lane of Traffic endangering his life.

  2. I’m not convinced the cop knew he was the murder suspect. You couldn’t pay me to walk up to a quad murder suspect with no backup. I would fear Bryan would start blasting then maybe himself. Too dangerous and uncontrolled if they actually knew.

  3. There appears to be a scar from a cut on his write wrist starting at the wrist bone and running straight up his arm under his sleeve. I wonder if his own weapon caused this during struggle with a victim….

  4. There was some meticulous planning that went into this crime. Berger planned the road trip with his did weeks in advance before the murder. His dad flew out to enjoy a road trip with his son to PA (father & son bonding he thought). Berger stalked out the Idaho students for a while to plan this out. How else would he have received a traffic ticket at Idaho University while he was studying at WSU 10miles away yet the two campuses are bitter rivals

  5. When I get pull over first thing they ask me registration and license,proof of insurance. And officer come back w/ the ticket that’s it. With white people they have full conversation

  6. The unhelpful way this officer chooses to wear his body-cam is another example of police incompetence, too many to count 😂 remember that you’re your own first responder, police may show up in time to write a report after the fact.
    Uvalde was an unfortunate reminder of the true application of “officer safety” while 20 children bled out for an hour without medical attention, as they stood outside with gear, training, and backup

  7. Stopped twice and not given a ticket. The Officer did not even run the license plate or License and Registration. If he had run the plate he might have gotten a notice for be on the look out. the Other thing is The suspect might have tried to make a run for it if the License were taken by the Police Officer to Check.

  8. Is there not some federal system for law enforcement to flag cars in their system that police are looking for? If not there should be. As soon as he put in his license, registration and make of car this should have been flagged as a possible BOLO, eventhough the model of the car 2011-13 was guessed incorrectly because it was a 2015. All the technology we have nowadays and we don't have this more streamlined across the US is ridiculous!

    This officer needs to definitely learn how to position his body cam. If anything would have happened, he wouldn't have gotten it on video for evidence. He could have pulled a gun on the officer or anything!

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