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You are an English beginner and want to get started with the English language? With this English lesson, we will teach you how to use conditionals with future tense in English with examples. We want to help you improve all your skills: English grammar, English listening, English reading, English speaking, English writing and English vocabulary. You will be able to make huge progress fast and express yourself in English.

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  • Hacker Gamer on January 12, 2022

    Thnak you sir share nice

  • Hello from Ukraine!

  • Jan Antoni on January 12, 2022

    Alisha happy New Year.

  • Взлом Английского on January 13, 2022

    And second question! For what's?

  • CROW PRO on January 13, 2022

    You are the best teacher there ever was!!!!!

  • songs on January 13, 2022

    "If you continue your attempt to deliver such lessons on YouTube, you will be invited to my motherland, your classes to be physically conducted in my hometown." Maam, is this sentence grammatically correct?

  • Dipak Shah on January 13, 2022

    Wow english

  • Dipak Shah on January 13, 2022

    Very good you

  • Dipak Shah on January 13, 2022

    Good gert

  • STEPHEN OKOTI on January 13, 2022

    Thanks Teacher Alisha, following your lessons from Kenya.

  • STEPHEN OKOTI on January 13, 2022

    Hey Alisha how do I find you on Instagram please?

  • Buddhadev Das on January 13, 2022

    Mam plz check my examples :
    1. If you get a free travel ticket, what will you do?
    2. If it's your birthday, you will not be in your school.
    3. If I stand first in our class, will you increase my pocket money dad ?
    4. If you sing for me, I'll give a kiss.

  • Ch Junnaid on January 13, 2022


  • Zahir Shah Allai on January 13, 2022

    Congratulations new year 2022

  • Ali Abuhelaiqa on January 13, 2022


  • Ali Abuhelaiqa on January 13, 2022


  • Baharu Desu on January 13, 2022

    I like your class

  • Ali Abuhelaiqa on January 13, 2022


  • Музаффар Ахмедов on January 13, 2022

    Thank you for lesson Alija

  • Pedro Vigara on January 13, 2022

    If you fall ill, who will replace you?

  • CAROLINA REGUERO FULLIER on January 13, 2022

    Excellent, good job. Thank you so much for sharing it. Congratulations!

  • Ali Abuhelaiqa on January 13, 2022


  • Ali Abuhelaiqa on January 13, 2022


  • Damascene Morel on January 13, 2022

    If you are not work how will you get money?

  • Claudinei LOPES DA SILVA on January 13, 2022

    You're a nice teacher

  • 923 Mc Level on January 13, 2022

    Hello My BEST Professor,
    Happy New Year 🙋‍♀️🇮🇹. I missed you and your important clear explanations because IM very ill because of My shoulder and first fractures that needs delicate surgeries. Thank you so much for big Help to US IM proving and put always into put practice. BEST regards

  • Siddique Akbar on January 13, 2022

    you have a lot helped me. Now my English speaking skill is very improving.Many thanks

  • Sanary Oteje on January 13, 2022

    When will the next class be please?

  • Sanary Oteje on January 13, 2022

    Thanks. Good night.

  • tigasuku on January 13, 2022

    Hi Alisha, how to follow your latest or life lessons ? Why don’t you put a date on your lesson ? I have been studying your lesson in YouTube quite sometime, I am really really love your teaching

  • Assonné Blanc on January 13, 2022

    Hello Lissha how are You i'm happy andestand You

  • Assonné Blanc on January 13, 2022


  • Abdllah eshage arpap nijm Arpap on January 13, 2022

    Good morning teacher Alisha, I'm so interesting with your teaching and it's easy to understand, thanks

  • Firoozeh on January 14, 2022

    Good job, thanks.

  • Naresh kumar Rai on January 14, 2022

    Good morning teacher Alisha.

  • Belkys Lorena on January 14, 2022

    Your lessons are fantatics!!!.. Thanks 🙂

  • Kərim Memmedov on January 14, 2022


  • Emerson Cavalcante on January 14, 2022


  • Filloreta Saraci on January 14, 2022

    I like the content of your lessons. However, there are a lot of distractions like Facebook and Instagram that take the beauty from them. You are pretty so do not worry too much about your hair. Teaching is an art and you are an artist; you do not have to be a model at the same time.

  • Shabana Malikzada on January 15, 2022

    If I watch Alisha 's vedio everyday ,I will learn english soon.

  • Dennis English Journal on January 15, 2022

    🙋‍♂️ I've been following this channel since March 2018 🤔
    But if I had found it earlier, I probably would speak English much better by now 😄
    Anyway, for the last 2 years I've been creating my own English-speaking podcasts, and I help other people speak English without fear of mistakes 😊😁
    Thank you for inspiring me doing this, Alisha! 🤩🙌

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