WEBFI-TECH-IT HAPPENED! The Tesla Model 3 2022 Is FINALLY Here!

One of Tesla’s most popular cars is the Model 3. Its popularity notwithstanding, the car
is getting upgrades with the 2022 edition! What is coming in the new version of the
Model 3?
In this video, we dive into all the juicy details as the 2022 Tesla Model 3 is finally here!
The Model 3 marked a turning point in the history of Tesla. While the ramping up of the
car production nearly sent Tesla out of business, it was the first time Tesla had an
affordable model to sell. Pre-orders started tumbling in the moment Tesla opened the
floodgates as buyers anticipated finally owning an electric vehicle truly meant for the
The success of the Model 3 has not abated since then, as it has quickly risen to become
the best-selling battery-electric car ever. It topped the chart of car registration across
Europe for the month of October 2021, and it was the first time an electric car topped
the list!
Tesla now makes the Model 3 in Fremont, California, and Shanghai, China. It hopes to
start production in Giga Berlin soon.
As things stand, the Model 3 is the best value for money where electric vehicles are
concerned, with a combination of decent range, above-average performance, a raft of
driver-assist tech, and price.
While the world has embraced the Model 3, Tesla is prepping several updates for the
2022 version.
Prices keep changing, and some of the factors are out of Tesla’s hands. The base
model starts from 45,000 dollars, and bear in mind that the federal incentive has not
been restored yet.
However, one of the most noticeable changes is the naming scheme of the Model 3
trims. Gone now is the Standard Range Plus, which is now replaced by just Model 3.
The new name simplifies things a lot, and we wonder why it took Tesla this long to
The simply named Model 3, which is the entry trim, is rear-drive. The other trims are
Long Range and Performance. Let’s go into the details of each trim to see what you will
get as a buyer.
The base Model 3 has gained a bit in range as it can now yield 272 miles per charge,
according to the EPA. This is nine miles better than the 2021 version offered, which is
not bad as any improvement is welcome. But you will only get that nine miles extra if
you stick with the 18-inch aero wheels that come from the factory. If you fancy the 19-
inch sport wheels, which you will pay 1500 dollars for anyway, the range will drop to 267
miles per charge. So it is up to you what you really want.
While the driving range went up, sort of, the performance of the base Model 3 went in
the opposite direction. Since its inception, the Model 3 has never been one of the
fastest Tesla cars, but it has gotten slightly worse. This car is meant for the masses who
want to move from point A to B without causing pollution. If you want quick acceleration,
look to the Model S, or if you can wait, join the queue for the Roaster 2.0 and be ready
with your money. The 2021 model promised acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in
5.3 seconds, but the 2022 base model will take 5.8 seconds.
This difference is not much anyway, in real-life situations. Who cares about half of a
second! But it is a regression nevertheless, so it might piss off some people. However,
you will still get to work or your meeting on time in the 2022 base Model 3 because it is
still plenty fast! Don’t forget the base model has a single electric motor anyway. If you
must zoom faster with the Model 3, then you need to expand your budget a bit and buy
the Long Range or Performance with two electric motors.
At any rate, the bar is simply higher for a Tesla car because we have come to expect
great performances from the company over time. The Model 3 with a single electric
motor still beats other competitors with dual motors in acceleration times!
There is something else to cheer about with the 2022 Model 3, which is the color.
Previously, everybody who didn’t want to spend extra on colors got a white car, which is
kind of boring as the Model 3 is a very popular model. So it is not unusual to see a lot of
white Model 3’s at Superchargers. But that is changing with the 2022 model as Tesla
includes a new color in the free-range.
You can now get what Tesla calls the Midnight Silver Metallic coat without paying extra
1000 dollars, instead of the White color everybody has!
You can thank Earl of FrunkPuppy on Twitter for this, who voiced out what many people
have been thinking.
Show this tweet:

He simply asked for Silver color, and the CEO obliged.
It must be said how reachable Musk as a CEO is, who can be asked for a feature on
Twitter and who will respond in no time! Not many trillion-dollar CEOs are like that. Also,
the turnaround time is remarkable! Tesla is offering the new color in about a month after
Earl of FrunkPuppy made his request!
Also, Musk did grant the other request as he posted a pic of his dog too!



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    I may consider the 3 performance to start instead of the S Plaid.

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    If you guys hear numbers and the names we call monies from various areas of cuss words I feel you bro; fortunately I love physics anyway because it's life

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    Very informative video. Thank you for going in depth about the batteries.

  • Volcano Girl on January 9, 2022

    That orange is fire btw make it a color so I can have it on my new model 3 with Arachnids

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