WEBFI-TECH-Next-Gen Graphics FINALLY Arrive [Unreal Engine 5]

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for in computing graphics. In this episode, we cover the playable matrix awakens demo as well as some other unreal engine 5 info.

Unreal Engine Short Film:

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  • mancsakacarl on December 17, 2021

    the biggest mind blown was that the city is procedural. i can bear witness , its stunning , as is the sound.

  • plecko187 on December 24, 2021

    all this and people still gonna play minecraft i guess..

  • Paul Hetherington on December 24, 2021

    Look, the insane– Hello Kitty! Kichy — ss waffen– Amsterdam! ll(two, left testicles!) Circuits are, never cold!

  • zombie killa on December 24, 2021

    cant wait till ruke34 artist use that

  • Brook Dyer on December 24, 2021

    How can I invest in this cutting edge technology???

  • XIRTINIO on December 24, 2021

    I don't want realistic games.

  • The Chrysialid on December 24, 2021

    even my rtx whimpers at the look of those graphics

  • Noel Leonardo on December 24, 2021

    Sorry, did u get paid to make this video? xD It looks like utter shit. Except for the Neo scene on his computer, it looks like some toy story bs, not what I imagined future games to look like :/

  • Flammable Orange on December 24, 2021

    Well. Even if our kind already can create worlds this realistic then why can’t our civilisation be a next gen game created by some supermind?

  • 大支爺 on December 24, 2021

    rooms light too bright, window's reflection too fake, but they are adjustable, really wanna see how is it on PC.

  • Prague 541 on December 24, 2021

    The day we make crypto mining an international / federal crime punishable by 10 years in prison, we might ACTAULLY get some GPUs to play this stuff with. On a second note, if the demo looks like this on peasant console trash…imagine what a real computer will look like.

  • Just A Man of Culture on December 24, 2021

    I'm a unity dev, but this, sure put a smile on my face. We are together in this race to ace gaming tech. Unreal engine 5 is just too amazing this time. Let's see if unity can keep up with it.

  • Killerclone21 on December 24, 2021

    my pc: don't you dare… if you do there will be a crater of where your house was

  • Omphile M on December 24, 2021

    are we living in a simulation?

  • Stanislav Daganov on December 24, 2021

    What you fail to realize is, that once this thing is already achieved (as shown from the demo): the super-fine photo-realistic textures, the sunlight/shades, water reflections, fabulous atmosphere effects, and the interactive "breakable" objects (also increasingly realistic and detailed) – this engine can be used for creation of FANTASY IMAGINARY THEMATIC WORLDS, that would be undistinguishable from reality, to the point to which this one (rendering a city urban environment) is, that is: over 80 percent, visually.

    Yes, they will still need a lot of additional design and textures; probably trees and plants, and grass, flowers, other natural organic materials, and fauna, would need more work, but once it is done, imagine a… "fairy" Matrix world, "steampunk" Matrix world, "goblin" Matrix world: all sorts of magical thematic environments; various mythological Matrix worlds, "dinosaur" Matrix world, "prehistoric" Matrix world; historical architectural Matrix worlds: gothic, baroque, classical, Roman, Hellenic…; alien biological sci-fi extraterrestrial Matrix worlds, with completely different imaginary alien species…

    And it would indeed be realistic, not pixelated: with sounds, and free roam/fly/teleport within these super-fine looking 3D fantasies, the immersion would be complete. This will indeed be a Metaverse WITHOUT LIMIT, because the only limit would be human imagination, which is potentially unlimited. (!)

  • Urban Dwellers on December 24, 2021

    Our planet and civilization are dying and we want to be entertained.

    Some of the greatest minds going toward gaming.

    Heaven help us all.

  • Nohwun Yewno on December 24, 2021

    Now if I could only buy a new video card without taking out a 2nd mortgage.

  • Cross Coder on December 24, 2021

    This is 64K Hyper HD HD

  • James O'Neill on December 24, 2021

    the third character in the car looked more realistic than whatever tf they'd done to Neo and Trinity …they both looked like shit

  • El Cid Secundo on December 24, 2021

    Log Horizon here we come.

  • FOLLC on December 24, 2021

    Think of all the scary Ass shit they could make, those faces look very real.

  • PsychoMuffinSDM on December 24, 2021

    I believe there is primarily one thing that will keep video games from feeling like reality (which is different from cinema, mind you) and that is our bodies ability to change focal length. Good directors are able to play with this to get you to engage in a story, perhaps to be even more immersive as they can use focus to channel the story telling, but videos games cannot presume what the viewer is looking at (besides context times like aiming down a gun sight or something), so when a scene is rendered where everything is in focus, it doesn't quite look right. Now… If VR somehow gets to the point where it can measure your eyes and can somehow detect what focal length your eyes are trying to do, and mimics that in game…. that will truly be amazing!

  • Bharat Dabhi on December 24, 2021

    I knew he's the one. 😎

  • quellenathanar on December 24, 2021

    I hear that IBM has new transistor modeling that may involve the use of bismuth. They are talking about getting down to the 1-2 nm range. Rendering a living city with that level of detail, without lag
    may require more powerful hardware. I'm anxious to get my hands on a game using unreal5.

  • N I O S on December 24, 2021

    Better than real life

  • Thephantomvaper on December 24, 2021

    all graphics are is smoothness

  • Marius G on December 24, 2021

    i believe in the near future , there will be no more real actors for movies, everything will be made digitally

  • Papa Dwarf on December 24, 2021

    Sub quantum particles are made up of triangles proving we are living in unreal engine 6

  • Papa Dwarf on December 24, 2021

    That last 20% is gonna be tough

  • Harry Casanova on December 24, 2021

    Yeah ill wait until they make a whole game running in 60 fps… other engines can also do this but devs have to bare in mind alot of limitations and performance issues

  • Shobhit Singh on December 25, 2021

    I cant sell my 2nd kidney for a new GPU ;-;

  • Joja on December 25, 2021

    guess i dont need a toaster after all

  • Len Prescott on December 25, 2021

    Awsome the future is here!

  • Joshua Martin on December 25, 2021

    Can't wait to see what kind of RPG's come out with it.

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