WEBFI-TECH-What Matters MOST for Tesla’s Q4 Earnings (Ep. 509)

Tesla reports Q4 2021 earnings on Wed, Jan 26, 2022. I dive into the numbers and share what I think is most important.

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  • niki maren on January 26, 2022

    Love your analysis. Would be great to see an interview with NYU finance professor Aswath Damodaran who did an outstanding updated valuation for Tesla.

  • Bryan Becker on January 26, 2022

    Tesla is crushing all previous records in profitability and margins. As Tesla bulls, this is a trend we have all become used to hearing. The one metric that seems weak, relative to the legacy auto groups long established dealer footprint, is lack of service and repair centers. As Tesla ramps huge volumes of autos quarterly, when will this increase begin to affect their ability to satisfy customer’s need for service/repair in a timely manner? Are we beginning to hear woes of these customer issues. This concerns me and would be one question worth asking. How quickly can Tesla expand their service footprint to accommodate the growing rate autos/region? Just as the charging networks expanded to relieve range anxiety, there needs to be a solution for potential service/repair anxiety. Food for thought.

  • Robbie Ro on January 26, 2022

    Net Income (Gordon) = $3
    Net Income (Non – Gordon) = $3 billion

  • Rita Lati on January 26, 2022

    Jan 26 Dave

  • Surfected on January 26, 2022

    Awesome analysis Dave!!! 🙏🏼😁

  • Paul M on January 26, 2022

    Great video Dave, always appreciate it. Looking forward to the earnings review already!

  • Ken Boone on January 26, 2022

    great dave thx

  • Chetan Burman on January 26, 2022

    Thanks Dave! 👍 Looking forward to this evening 🚀

  • Wayne Brandon on January 26, 2022

    Good info Dave. Subscribed!

  • Carlo Herrmann on January 26, 2022

    Geopolitical risks are BIG! If cleared .. this will be a big stimulus. 🤞

  • Dirgecaller on January 26, 2022

    is tesla allowed to sell carbon credits outside the auto space? i assumed they'd be able to.

  • Topdog525 on January 26, 2022

    Interesting to see those predictions
    🙂 great content as always

  • SetTheCurve on January 26, 2022

    Can someone let me know which is the most important? I must have missed it.

  • G R on January 26, 2022

    Automotive news aside, I want to hear the energy roadmap to map out how Elon has said it will be bigger than automotive.
    Icing on the cake: Announcement of a UK giga factory producing Model Y and the hatchback.

  • renaissanceman3 on January 26, 2022

    You said Ludicrous! LOL! TSLA going to Ludicrous Speed.

  • Mikey on January 26, 2022

    Love this breakdown…Thanks Dave!

  • Jose Belarmino on January 26, 2022

    I haven’t heard Gordon Johnson utter the words ‘regulatory credits’ in while. Compared to a year or two ago when it was a big percentage of revenue and profits, these days, it just pads the bottom line and or pay for Elon’s stock options. Great job Dave on the pre earnings analysis!

  • Richard Turnock on January 26, 2022

    "Focus on the company's health….product and innovation..
    How Loved is their product?
    Is their product lead growing?
    Are they adding value to their product?
    Are they in a large and addressable market?
    Is their execution really world class?

  • ajayi ayomide on January 26, 2022

    Dave's on a video rampage.. love it

  • Richard Turnock on January 26, 2022

    Talk about Tesla's credit ratings over the past and after Q4 and FY2021 earnings, why credit ratings either change or don't change in a timely manner.

  • Francisco Colon on January 26, 2022

    Hey Dave! In your opinion, if I want to buy a Model 3, would you wait for it to have the new 4680 or don’t really matter?! Great show man!

  • Steve Dowler on January 26, 2022

    On the risk side I'm looking for battery materials availability and cost to produce. Also factors out of Tesla's control like geo politics.

  • R Gerald Alexander on January 26, 2022

    Other than customer service Tesla checks all the boxes.

  • alexi on January 26, 2022

    Thanks Dave. Can you research tsla truck making progress might be in the future

  • David Kendall on January 26, 2022

    Thanks Dave, love your analysis and content!

  • TEXT SHARUNDADEWS ON TE LE GR AM on January 26, 2022

    Hey text 👆 for trading assistance then thank me later

  • Jason Marino on January 26, 2022

    Hey Dave, if rates climb would that be a negative to how many Teslas can be sold since larger purchases will less affordable?

  • Wicksley Snipes on January 26, 2022

    I came here from Invest Answers (Thanks, James!). I appreciate Dave’s “nerding-out”. Math? Yes, please.

    I loved how, during the exchange, James said how he was so surprised that you “went full degen” (jokingly, of cours)
    What a great exchange!
    I was laughing out loud. (No text acronyms here).

    Thanks Dave, you’re one of the good ones.

    Good show, man.(insert British accent here).

  • Jack Smith on January 26, 2022

    Thank you Dave for putting time to share these valuable information!

  • The Electric Man on January 26, 2022


  • Jeong Taek Bang on January 26, 2022

    thanks for the video…i like your mention of risk and positive things…like our world exist in matrix…

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