WEBFI-WordPress-5 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders Compared

Dy you want an easy way to build and customize your WordPress site? That’s where drag and drop page builders are helpful. In this video, we will show you the five best drag and drop WordPress page builders.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

The first one we’ll look at is the page builder by site origin.

This is one of the most popular page builder plugins, largely because it is free.

Site Origin if fairly easy to use and lets you add any widget you need.

There is also a history tool that lets you revert back to previous changes you had.

The next builder is the beaver builder which is a premium plugin and in our opinion is the best option on the market right now.

Beaver is very fast to use and comes with an on boarding tour to familiarize you with their interface quickly.

There is a live drag and drop interface where you get to see all you changes as you make them.

The next is Velocity page.

It’s also has a live preview and comes with several built in modules.

The next one is Themify builder.

If you already have a theme by Themeify then you already have this functionality, but if you are using a different WordPress theme, you can purchase the Themify builder plugin for 39.

Finally let’s look at Headway Themes.

This is one of the most beginner friendly drag and drop themes and it’s an actual theme as well.

It allows you to build any layout and design you want and comes with built in ready to use blocks that you can add to any page on your site.

Looking at the 5 drag and drop plugins and themes, beaver builder and velocity page are our top 2 choices if you don’t mind spending a little money to create the site you want.

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  • Nostravinci on July 18, 2015

    It would be nice to see the builders in action.

  • Hardik Baldev on July 20, 2015

    Where is Visual Composer ?

  • Shalaw Majeed on August 6, 2015

    what about visual composer?

  • satda dayyd on October 6, 2015

    Show us how it looks like u fools

  • Shib Nath on October 26, 2015

    Please let us know about FREE Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dark Shadow on December 4, 2015

    You didn't Give ANY examples of the user interface of any of these tools. Other than NAMING a few different plugins, your video is almost of NO USE to any body. I expected a little more indepth information when the title of your video says you compared the products.

  • AdriaWave on December 31, 2015

    This is useless video .!.

  • 140México on January 14, 2016

    Good, i was need the info. By the way, what a nice voice!

  • MrJimbo777 on January 28, 2016

    Your Tonality is all over the place… Makes it tough to watch as your vocal tones jump from high pitched to low within milliseconds… lol

  • The Photo Booth Chick on April 2, 2016

    Thanks for this info… I just installed beaver builder and it is so nice! It remind me of using Squarespace to create a website. So it was a bit easy for me. Have you ever heard of Visual composer? Is that a plugin as well?

  • Davidon on June 14, 2016

    Clearly sponsored by Beaver. You can't make a video like this and not include visual composer…

  • Ben Pines on July 21, 2016

    We created a free page builder that works with a really fun UI:

  • Ajay Mishra on August 16, 2016

    thank really helpful info…

  • nuntana2 on September 6, 2016

    No Divi or Visual Comp?

  • Michael Thompson on November 16, 2016

    Review "TemplateToaster".

  • Octahedron on January 21, 2017

    please next time show us how they work visually and not just talk.

  • anyadike solomon on February 16, 2019

    how do i install site origin page builder …. i think you should do a video on that

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