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404 errors can pop up from time to time due to how complex WordPress is behind the scenes. These errors can make it seem like your site is completely gone but you don’t have to worry we have helped many users work through removing this error. In this video we will show you how to fix your WordPress posts returning the 404 error.

Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

The first thing we can say when this happens is don’t panic this is something that can happen and is fixable.

The primary step for this will be to log in to your WordPress site and under Settings, Permalinks and pressing the save button again.

If that method did not work, we would recommend using a FTP program to be able to edit your site’s .htaccess file directly.

If you do no know what a FTP program is we would recommend taking a look at our article:

Download your site’s .htaccess file and open it to edit, we will add our recommended code snippet from the written article and save our changes.

With the changes saved you will now reupload the file, overwriting the old file with your changes.

You should now no longer have the 404 errors on your posts.



  • Paul S on November 9, 2019

    Wow, THANK YOU! I hadn't a clue why I started getting 404 messages. I'd looked at some videos with long workarounds. Then I found this. Fully functioning again within less than 5 seconds. Amazing.

    One page still came up with a 404 error. But a quick page refresh, after your initial step, fixed it.

  • Fatema Borna on November 25, 2019

    Thanks a ton..after struggle i solved my prob

  • Peter K on November 26, 2019

    if this doesn't solve, next thing to check is that mod_rewrite is enabled in apache

  • MawaMaverick on December 3, 2019

    There is no permalinks anymore

  • Estraneo on December 20, 2019

    You lady saved me from a heart attack xD Thank you so much

  • bobert on January 7, 2020

    what do i do if it doesnt fix it on a multisite 🙁

  • Alex on January 27, 2020

    thank you!!

  • Ana Pavlović on February 12, 2020

    Thank you so much, i already started freaking out about my website not working.

  • steegsha on February 15, 2020

    The editing of the .htaccess file fix my site after searching for the answer for a long time Thank you!!

  • Varun Jaiswal on March 7, 2020

    Thanks, sometime small changes makes big difference, i was looking to this solution for very long. Video is simply, clear and to the point. Keep the good work going.

  • Miranda Levy on April 2, 2020

    Thank you!! This worked! I did have to go to permalinks and switch to post name instead of day and name and then save changes. It worked perfectly!

  • Stef Tech Surfer on April 18, 2020

    What if you're using Nginx and the first permalinks step didn't work? I don't know how WordPress glitched like this… Ok I just fixed it! Here's what I did:
    I had custom structure always selected with

    But in Optional I also had Category base with blog, so I I removed blog from the base and my post started working again. Weird because I thought it was working 2 days ago with the same setting. :/

  • Sirine Ben Hamida on May 25, 2020

    so precious tips ! thanks <3

  • Samaj Youth on May 26, 2020

    Grt it worked for me…………

  • Anup Gurav on May 28, 2020

    wow, you save my life, thank you for your video

  • BBD on May 30, 2020


  • The Superior Shave on June 1, 2020

    Thank you!

  • Willral on June 2, 2020

    none of these fixed my website, my 404 page looks different it instead uses the Apache 404 error page

  • sumandra chowdhury on June 5, 2020

    Than you very much.

  • STAR WARS Comics Story on June 17, 2020

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Rajdip Choudhury on June 26, 2020

    You saved my day

  • Tommy Edelbroek on July 21, 2020

    Saved my life, thanks!!

  • K.A.B. Nwanwah on July 22, 2020

    I can't believe it's just as simple as that. I just migrated from one host to another and had this problem. I almost lost my mind when it happened. Thank you very much for this single, but amazing fix.

  • Ganraj Meghraj on August 6, 2020

    Thank you so much Love you

  • Shubham Jadhav on August 18, 2020

    My Wp dashboard not open now…😭

  • neagoe sebastian on August 23, 2020

    You mister saved my life .

  • Pijany Kaczmarski on August 28, 2020

    Wow you are awesome thank you!

  • 23 GAMES on August 29, 2020

    i was just about to create another page I THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Steve Luiting on September 4, 2020

    Thank you. I keep a copy of all of our websites in a subdirectory on the same server and the restore from Akeeba didn't correctly change the htaccess file. I copied the site to a local server and that worked fine because the site was in the root of the copy of the domain. It appeared that the htaccess file had only ". /index.php [L]
    " when it should have had ". / [L]". I assume that it was looking in the root of the server (up to the top instead of in the subfolder) for the subpage addresses? So I did the admin > Settings > Permalinks and Saved the changes and it worked. I studied the changes compared to the old htaccess file. Thank you so very much. You saved me hours of work.

  • Anton Kovalenko on September 29, 2020

    But what to do if I can't get access to the admin dashboard?

  • Ghullam Mohiyudin on November 29, 2020


  • Catherine Kelleher on December 3, 2020

    this didn't work for me still getting this message….. The requested URL /links/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. any advice?

  • Sachin Chouhan on December 16, 2020

    Thank you soooooooo much mam thank you

  • Chiayi YU on January 11, 2021

    omg!thank you very much!

  • RobloxStars on January 12, 2021

    i cant access to my wp-admin is impossible im crying rn

  • Unet 7 on April 6, 2021


  • z 000 on April 30, 2021

    if i have one in my website can hurt on seo

  • Nicolas Dupéré on June 1, 2021

    Thank youuuuuuuuu!

  • Chelsea Lim on June 29, 2021

    Hi! I can’t access the dashboard as well… how do i fix it?

  • Sunil Ilanthila WPWebsmartz on July 28, 2021

    site-wide 404 error. when adding a new plugin.

    while trying to update posts and pages.

    all are ending with a 404 error. How to fix this?

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