WEBFI-WordPress-How to Set Up Online Food Ordering for Restaurants in WordPress

Do you want to set up a system for ordering food for your restaurant? If it’s a new venture, or you’ve had person to person sales for years, offering food delivery can help boost your revenue. While this process may sound technical, we have come up with an easy way to set it up. In this video, we will share how to set up an online food ordering for restaurants using WordPress step by step.

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For this guide we will be using WPFomrs Pro, once you’ve installed and set up the plugin we will want to go into WPForms, Addons and install the Form Templates Pack Addon as well as any payments you would like to accept. For Credit Cards you would use stripe or there is a Paypal option for those looking to accept PayPal.

Now we can go to WPForms, Add New and scroll down to search for and select the Takeout Order form. This form will auto-populate a form with the fields you would normally need for that type of form. The base form starts out as a Pizza form to give examples but you can change to fit your needs.

Add any fields you feel would fit your needs then in the settings, you can edit the notification settings to email to the address you would like orders sent to for your site and change the subject line. You can then create a new notification so your customers receive an email letting them know you received their order. You can also add to the confirmations, a confirmation page that the order has been sent in so users don’t have to wait for the email to know that they have submitted an order.

We can then set up the payment option of our choice in the payment section. Ensure once you are ready to start selling that the options are set to production for you to receive a payment. Now add from the Payment Fields section a multiple item selector and it will add connections for your payments and for you to choose the costs of each selection. This will give you the option to add a total and a payment option below for you to start accepting orders.

To add your form to your site, create a new page or post, add the WPForms block, and select the title of the form you have just created. Once you publish it, the page will be live on your site and you can start receiving orders. If you want to help ensure the emails are delivered to you, you can set up SMTP by following our guide here:

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  • MyAC Doctor on April 16, 2020

    Is there a phone text message integrated? SMS message order receiving and confirmation notifications will be better than email notifications.

  • Marty S on April 16, 2020

    I had no idea wpforms could do this. I have a few restaurant websites that I manage and always assumed that the day I had to do this then I would have to learn / dive into woo-commerce.

  • Ian Mayman on April 17, 2020

    I work for a popular Pizza company and know where to get the CMS they use in store. Combined with this video, it makes me think I could take start a rival pizza shop!

  • Ant Brad on April 17, 2020

    Hi, wpbrginner is an excellent site and support…. I love how you explain everything so clearly!… if I activate this, is there a way through api to bring in surrounding food outlets etc ?

  • NaGG on April 18, 2020

    I just visited your website and liked it. Can you please recommend a plugin to crate post list. I just need to create a post list design.. I just want to design like this Where you creted post list with left side thumbnail and title

  • Daniel Hill on April 18, 2020

    Can you make it where people can just click a plus sign and add more pizzas instead of having to add more slots. Because what if they want 12 pizzas?

  • sandeep verma on April 19, 2020

    using form for ordering food is not a good idea.

  • Hamish Maclean on April 30, 2020

    Good vid. So long as people know this is the tip of the iceberg of WordPress restaurant functionality. With woocommmerce + a delivery time slot + sms + product table plugins restaurants can build super operational delivery sites. And in this environment they may as well invest in this and dump their overpriced POS subscription.

  • Prem The Filmmaker on April 30, 2020

    i have a big general store . i want to make a fast delivery website for our nearly area . what should i learn for this. i want live location tracking system in my website . what should i learn please suggest some one please…

  • Sophie Berg on May 7, 2020

    Thank you very much for your great film. Is there any option for plugins where you don't have to pay?

  • zico zakaria on June 14, 2020

    This video title should be how to add an ordering FORM to your wp site , cause when someones read your existing title he/she would think that its about having a plugin that will do a full online restaurant work..

  • No Rocket Science Build on November 25, 2020

    Fantastic tutorial! You have saved me and my business a lot of money 🙂

  • Ajuu Vava on December 12, 2020

    How to print a bill ?

  • Chukwunalu Collins on December 22, 2020

    Please I need to know if you can add map to the form in order to detect the customer location when making delivery

  • Chukwunalu Collins on December 22, 2020

    Please, I also need info if the basic plan of your wp form plugin at 39 dollars allows its purchaser to utilize both stripe and PayPal payments?

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